Mini Cooper: Buying the Car of My Dreams

by on February 27th, 2015
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I have dreamed of owning a Mini Cooper for years, but have never taken the plunge. The reasons are varied, but are often surrounded by a house filled with small children. Children are tough on cars and have kept me from buying a Mini Cooper until now. This is the year I will begin my search for my new dream car.

Searching For My Dream Car- I have learned from the past experience to research a car online before I go to the dealership. I go directly to Google and search for the car I want to buy. Google usually takes me directly to the Mini Cooper website where I can compare the cars. Checking Out Reviews- After I check out my dream Mini Cooper, I take a trip to the Edmunds website and check out the reviews. I learn that the base model is okay for most people, but the S model is a much better vehicle and is worth the extra bucks. The Cooper S adds bigger wheels, a turbocharged engine, fog lamps, sports seats and alloy pedals for less than 4 thousand more dollars. You can add a convertible for another four grand. Is My Dream Car Green- I look at my dream car and check out the stats to see if it is a green car. The Mini Cooper gets up to 29 MPG in the city and 35 MPG on the highway. The engine is small at 1.6 liters, but the car is light and is fast. My dream car is green which is important to help keep the environment clean, but important to keep my expenses low. Yes, my dream car is green. Mini Cooper in Tampa- Finally, I am ready to check out my dream car in the Tampa Bay area. I make a search online to check out who sells it and who has the best deals. Mini Cooper is popular and it keeps its value. I learn there are not too many great deals on a Mini Cooper in Tampa. Tampa does have $500 off a Mini Cooper with a manual transmission, but I’m looking for an automatic. Check out my finances and insurance- The last new car I bought bit me in the rear-end. The insurance want through the roof and nearly doubled my expenses. I checked with my insurance and found out this time, my insurance won’t skyrocket like before. This is important because who really wants to pay double for a new car? My credit is okay and I know my payments will be at a level I can handle in my expenses. The Mini Cooper gets good gas mileage and this will also help my decision. I am ready to buy my new car. The Bank- I have been dealing with Suntrust Bank for years and my credit is good with them. My wife and I make enough money at our jobs and we are given the okay to buy my new dream car. It is time to go to the dealership and try to make a deal for my new dream car. If you don’t want to deal with your bank, check out your credit online at Dealing With The Dealership- When I reach the dealership, I am ready to buy the car I want. I go to the Mini Cooper dealership with my expectations and hope they can sell me the car I want. I know the prices to look for and the model I want to buy. I want the S hardtop and I want to spend around $25000 dollars for my dream car. Knowing what you want and knowing what you want to pay before you go to the dealership is important. Knowing my credit is good means I will also get a good deal from the dealership if they finance the car for me. The local dealership has 3.9% financing on any new 2012 Mini Cooper. This deal could save me a ton of money on a five year loan. Buying The Car- We have not bought our dream car yet, but are ready to take the next step. I am looking for the right color on the right car. I am a patient buyer who is not in a big hurry. If you are in a hurry while buying a new car, you likely won’t get your dream car. This car is not a need, it is a want. This is my dream car and I am looking for the perfect Mini Cooper for me.


Be a patient buyer not a needy buyer Check everything out online before taking one step to the dealership Buy your dream car and not the car a salesman is trying to sell you Check out your finances , insurance and credit before buying a new car


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