Man Cave Bath Tissue Holder

by on October 14th, 2010
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My son is a manly kind of guy. He hunts, he fishes, he repairs things around the house. He’s not impressed with fancy furnishings, like ruffled pillows or bath salt decanters. Whereas most any woman would put up a decorative bath tissue dispenser he would be happy with anything that does the job – even a nail pounded into the wall. Whatever would hold the toilet paper, well, that’s good enough. If you’re a guy with a man cave – or even a garage bathroom – you can find a happy medium. If you’d like something a little more impressive than a nail in the wall, but you certainly don’t want a woman’s toilet paper holder, you can make one with your leftover materials from a past project. My son finally put up this bath tissue holder and I think, as a guy, you’ll like it, too.

For a man cave, a guy often likes things representing beer, sports, and fast cars. But they also like utilitarian things and that’s why a metallic toilet paper dispenser is perfect for any man’s bathroom. When you use a metal piece from a home improvement store you can make it in a just a few minutes.

Buy a metal bracket to make a toilet paper holder and you’ll have a nice man cave dispenser. Home improvement stores sell all sorts of “L” brackets that work great for this purpose. Choose the one you like and you’ll be able to install it in no time. An “L” bracket has a hole you can use to hang it on wood, plaster, or sheet rock.

Place the longest side of the bracket against the wall and put a screw or nail through the hole. Nailing or screwing the bracket will be much harder to do on tile and certain other materials. For these types of surfaces, just hang the bracket with glue dots. Available at many stores, the dots are simply stuck to the wall, and the bracket stuck to the dots. Since bathroom tissue is not heavy you won’t have to worry if the bracket will hold.

We know you love fixing up your man cave and doing so without a bunch of frilly things you’d find in a woman’s home. The metal bracket toilet paper holder is just one way you can get rid of all the fluff that you face in your regular life, and that you’ll enjoy when you retreat to your man cave.

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