Make a Leprechaun Potato Head for St. Patrick’s Day (A Preschool Craft)

by on January 13th, 2011
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A cute little leprechaun made from a potato is a great St. Patrick’s Day craft for preschoolers. With this craft, you have a sensory, language and art project rolled into one.

Supplies for a St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Potato Head

a medium sized russet potato
green and black construction paper
safety scissors
craft glue
googly eyes
red licorice pieces

Instructions for Making a St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Potato Head for Preschoolers

1. Give each student a potato. Let them have a couple of minutes to touch and smell the potato. Ask them questions about the potatoes. What color are the potatoes? What do they smell like? Whose potato is biggest? Whose potato is smallest? Tell them about potato eyes. Do any of their potatoes have eyes?

2. Set out the other supplies. Allow as much time as needed for the children to assemble the potatoes as they need. You might have an example of your own St. Patrick’s Day potato head to show them. They can glue googly eyes on or stick two raisins on with toothpicks for the potato head’s eyes. Let their imaginations go wild. Encourage them to use the construction paper to make a leprechaun hat and pipe.

3. Let the glue used on the St. Patrick’s Day potato heads dry for awhile.

Ideas for Adding St. Patrick’s Day Potato Heads to your Language Lesson Plan

Give each child an opportunity to stand up with his or her potato head and tell a story about it. They can give it a name, an age, a favorite gameā€¦the list is endless! Be sure to encourage their efforts with praise and applause.
Separate your preschool class into small groups. Let them concoct a funny puppet show using their potato heads. While one group is performing, the rest can enjoy the show with snacks and juice boxes. Praise all performances!
Play Hide ‘n Seek with a potato head! Have your preschool students lay their heads down on their desks, covering their eyes while you hide the potato head. Use the clues “hot” and “cold” to help them in their searches.

Have fun and happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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