Look Thinner Without Losing Weight!

by on September 27th, 2010
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Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when they want to appear thinner is to wear the hugest items of clothing they have in their closet. The idea is to appear smaller than the clothing, but in reality, wearing giant clothing will only make you look disproportionate. Learn the better ways to look thinner without losing weight; or rather, the best ways to complement your beautiful form, whatever shape it is!

First of all, wear clothes that fit- comfortably. Not too tight, not too large. You want to be able to not make out your belly button in your tops (too tight) and you want to be able to not see your pocket outlines on your jeans (again, too tight). What makes your clothing look good is what people can’t see as much as what they can. Which means you don’t want your clothing painted on, but you don’t want to look like a globe in them either. If your clothes fit you comfortably, then you look like your natural shape, not like a sausage in a casing or a rag doll.

How can you tell your clothes are too big? If you can put your hand down your pants in the back, then they are too large. If you can see up the sleeves of your t-shirts, then they are also too large. You should not be able to grab handfuls of your shirt from behind, and no shirt should ever be longer than your fingertips. The ,more material you have on your body, the more you are giving off a large impression of yourself.

Darker clothing is flattering and slimming all at once, but all black is selling yourself short. Think jewel tones, and remember this- you want to draw attention to your frame, not become a wallflower. Jeans with back pockets will minimize a larger butt, and dark-wash jeans without whiskering or tears will elongate legs as well. Stick to a boot-cut style, and choose jeans that end around your ankle to minimize excess material. Pastels will show off more lumps and bumps, but choosing their darker counterparts (like navy blue over baby blue) will smooth and slim those trouble spots.

If you prefer hiding your shape to feel slimmer, you can do that as well without looking boxy. Tapered button-up shirts over camisoles or form-fitting undershirts are a great choice, as are wide-leg trousers in a deep gray, dark brown, or black. Trousers are a great choice for clothing, as they make great casual and work wear all at once.

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