Justin Bieber and Mariah Yeater

by on January 7th, 2010
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Justin Bieber came out on the scene with a YouTube video and a dream. He was 12 years old when he started out. He is unique in many ways. He claims Christianity as his backbone and for all intents and purposes appears to be a momma’s boy. Justin loves his mom and that’s always a good sign from young superstars.

Justin rose to fame in such a short amount of time, it wouldn’t be any wonder that he would easily fall into the trappings that so many young people in the limelight fall into. The expectation is high for young stars like Bieber. He has been compared, on numerous occasions, to Leif Garrett. Leif was “THE” teen idol of the seventies who fell out of Hollywood grace and into the arms of heroin addiction. Is it fair for people to assume Justin will turn from squeaky clean to subway ticket evader?

Justin Bieber should not be compared to anyone else. He has had a chance to shine in front of the world and he has taken that chance. Bieber may well turn into one of those other teen idols of the past. There are some that hope he turns into the likes of Shaun Cassidy, super teen idol of the seventies number two. He didn’t turn into a drug addict. He just turned into a middle-aged man who kept his feet on the ground.

The latest news on Justin Bieber is a twenty year old who has filed a paternity suit against the young billionaire. Bieber fans are not taking the allegations lightly. They do not believe that their Justin Bieber had sexual relations with the older woman. Mariah Yeater has taken hits from fans on Twitter and is not likely to get a break from it for quite some time. Is Justin the father of her baby boy? Fans don’t know and neither does anyone else at this point. The best thing for Justin to do is take the paternity test to either save his reputation or take responsibility for his own actions.

When someone is that famous, fans have certain expectations of them. Justin Bieber is not immune to this phenomenon. It isn’t just the teen idol that takes a hit. Garth Brooks fell out of grace after fans learned he was having an affair with Trisha Yearwood. Why did it matter? It was because Brooks painted himself, or should we say PR did, as a down to earth family man. The things that came out about Garth Brooks when he and his wife separated stunned fans. He was no longer the person they thought he was.

Newsflash: Famous people are rarely what they look like on screen or onstage. They are human beings who are under tremendous stress. Do not be surprised when they are not the image you allowed to be painted in your mind. No one is perfect, no matter how much we want them to be.

Justin Bieber may well have fathered this child. There is a fifty-fifty chance that he could be the father because the answer is either yes or no. The real question is, what will it do to his career if he is the father? It could destroy it. Then again, considering the age of the “fan” who is accusing him, he could garner sympathy from many of those fans. It is not likely that many people will have sympathy for the mother of the child though.

Why wouldn’t people have sympathy for Mariah Yeater? There are several reasons. The first reason is that she would have been 19 years old when she claims that she had sex with a 16-year-old Justin. She was too old to be bothered with anyone, including a billionaire, who is that young. Had Justin been an adult at the time of the incident, it would be a different story. At sixteen years old, it is a nearly unforgivable act by a person considered to be an adult. In other words, she did not behave morally as an adult.

You would almost think that Yeater read the book “Daniel’s Den” by Serenity Springston. The book is a story about an ex-teen idol, now in middle age and still fighting the demons that teen fame can cause. The ex-teen idol relates that he lost his virginity in the bathroom after a concert one night. His virginity was lost to an older woman, a fan’s mother to be exact, much like the story that Mariah Yeater is telling. The difference is the character in the book did not get pregnant.

In any case, Justin Bieber is in for the long haul right now. He either has to prove that he is not the father of this child or he has to do a lot of damage control to save his career. Things are never quite the same for pop stars who fall out of grace. Let’s hope Mariah is just trying to get media attention. I would certainly hate to see millions of little girls have to learn the hard lesson of disillusionment that early in their lives. Somehow, the world never looks the same when you can’t count on your idols.

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