Jackson Rathbone Talks Twilight and Dating

by on March 7th, 2015
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Jackson Rathbone. Now there’s a name for you. Whether you know the hunk from “The Twilight Saga” or whether he’s the guy that makes your heart skip a beat through his music, he’s out there and staying busy.

He’s plays hunky Jasper Hale in the mega-popular “The Twilight Saga” series on the big screen, and is a founding member of 100 Monkeys, an indie-rock band. Between acting and singing, the guy just never seems to rest.

Playing Tunes – When he’s not filming the latest installment of “Twilight,” he is touring the country with his band. Just this past June, 100 Monkeys released their latest album, Liquid Zoo and finished a grueling cross-country concert tour. He plans to rest for a bit, before jetting across the ocean for his first overseas tour with the band to promote their latest album.

And Jackson couldn’t be happier.

Playing the Big Screen - The 26-year old actor/musician definitely is loving life right now. According to IMDB, he’s got five motion picture projects in the works, a lead role opposite Bailee Madison (“Brothers” and “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”) in “Cowgirls ‘n Angels” due out next year. Of course, he’s already finished with “Breaking Dawn: Part 2,” which is scheduled for release in November 2012.

Along with co-star Nikki Reed, Jackson has been traveling around Europe recently promoting the “Part 1″ release and helping with the Twilight musical tour. He is scheduled to attend all five November concerts (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco), along with a variety of “Twilight” co-stars including Reed, Peter Facinelli and Ashley Greene.

Playing the Charity - As totally crazy as Jackson’s schedule may be, he still found time to give back. Along with 100 Monkeys, The Las Vegas Sun reported that Rathbone helped raise money for the Fender Music Foundation when he geared up for a zip-lining event over the famous Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas this past August. The event raised more than $15,000 for the charity.

Playing the Field - Ok, so maybe he’s not playing the field, but he’s definitely single. So girls, if you want to grab his attention pay close attention to what he recently told fan site Twilighter.org: he likes crazy dates that edge on breaking the law.

“I love being able to go out on crazy dates, like breaking into zoos after hours, with a woman who has a sense of adventure,” he wrote for the web site.

But he’s not all about wild times. A quiet night playing music on the beach in front of a giant bonfire works just as well too. Whatever it is, Jackson just likes being around music and friends and having fun. Who wouldn’t? He lives a busy life and is riding the biggest wave of fame right now. Last year he joined fellow co-star Taylor Lautner on the MSN Hottest Hollywood Singles list. It isn’t out yet for this year, but he’s sure to return once again…unless of course, some lucky girl snatches him up before then.

Wherever you look these days, Jackson is sure to be nearby. And soon, he’ll be one the big screen looking down at you once again.

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