How to Protect Inside Cats from Fleas

by on September 23rd, 2010
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Many cat owners mistakenly believe that as long as their cats do not go outside, that they are immune from fleas. Wrong! A flea infestation can affect inside cats just the same as outside cats. The key is to protect cats from fleas in the first place.

Spray the Outside of Your Property

Fleas are mobile little parasites that will hitch a ride any way that they can to reach their next blood-sucking feast. They often lie in wait in the grass and will come indoors on the bottoms of your shoes or some other way.

But by using a flea spray specially designed for the lawn and other parts of your property, you can eliminate this problem before you bring fleas into your home.

Invest in Monthly Preventative Treatments

A monthly flea preventative treatment can help keep fleas at bay, regardless of whether your cats are inside or outside cats. Just a simple, quick dosage between the shoulder blades is all it takes to stop fleas dead in their tracks before your whole home becomes infested with fleas.

There are a number of other preventative flea treatments that you can use, such as sprays and pills, to help keep fleas at bay.

Remove Shoes Before Entering Your Home

As fleas are often carried indoors on the bottom of people’s shoes without their knowledge, it pays to plan ahead and ditch the unwanted hitchhikers before they hop aboard for a free ride.

Get into the habit of taking your shoes off before you come indoors. If possible, leave your outdoor shoes outside or in the garage and quickly slip into indoor shoes, such as slippers or another pair of shoes that are never worn outdoors. Doing so can protect your cats from fleas and lessen the chances of a flea infestation.

Fleas are a nightmare for cats and also for their owners, who must work hard to eradicate fleas from their pets and from their homes. But by protecting your cats from fleas in the first place, you will save yourself a lot of time, energy and resources. Start off purchasing a flea spray for your property, which will kill any fleas lying in wait in the lawn or the flowerbeds. Then use a monthly flea preventative treatment for your cats, and remove your outside shoes before entering your home, so that you do not inadvertently invite fleas into your home.

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