How I Became a Christian

by on September 8th, 2014
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I was born and grown up in a small remote place in rural India. Just like any other kid I was also imparted with values and systems that prevailed in the society then. I went to church regularly, was a part of the choir and Sunday school. All these were in accordance to the strict rules of my parents. I sometimes enjoyed them but many times went just to obey my parents and please people around me. I got a good name among many people but inside me I was just empty. My life was moving on with each passing day.

As I entered my teens I had struggles and inferiority complex issues though I a studious student. Being a melancholy I never express my ideas easily. It was in my seventh grade of school when I felt that my friends at school were also not so good and true. People were all selfish. It was a time when many of my friends started commenting and talking about people of opposite sex. In the society I live a young girl talking to a guy was considered as sin and something that all parents forbid their children to do. However I was also along with my friends. Though I dint enjoy their talks much, I had to be with them and as days passed my thinking and talking also started to align with them.

During summer vacation that year, my uncle presented me the book ‘Sweet Sixteen’ written by Mrs. Lilian Stanley. As I read that book I was able to realize that I was a sinner and I also came to know about the love of Jesus. I accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and was bubbling in all happiness. That book also gives a lot of practical ideas to teens which helps them to invest their time in a useful way. Implementing them in my daily life, I found it to be fun. I enjoyed the inner peace and joy that no one else in the world – my parents or friends could give me.

From that day onwards, I always enjoyed going to church and being part of the activities. My life has a good change. The joy of Christ in me made me cheerful and bubbling. With good Christian friends and the formal and informal fellowships with believers helped me grow. God mentored me at every stage of my life through His chosen people. Though it was not a life of roses, God helped through every small or big thorn. With that hope and joy I will move on every day until I am back to Him.

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