Halloween Surprise

by on February 20th, 2011
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“Here, take the sword quickly.” Said Dave. “But, I do not know how to use that.” Blaine said. “You can do it, you have the power. Just see it in you mind.” Dave said.

Dave took the magic sword and tried to imagine being able to use it like he had seen people use swords on television. “I’ve never killed anyone before.” I don’t think I can.” Blaine tried to find the words to quickly tell Dave that it was okay. “It won’t kill them Dave; if you stab them in the chest they will disintegrate and go back to the planet they came from.”

The night started out like any other Halloween. The boys dressed like warriors and had swords that Blaine’s Dad had found while traveling. They were getting too old to trick or treat but were well known in the neighborhood, so they did stop at the gas station and the store and get candy from the owners. The streets of the little neighborhood were clearing, everyone was going home when Blaine had an idea. “Go with me to the old Jenkins farm. I have something I want you to see.” Man, I am going to get into trouble if I am not home soon.” said Dave. “We won’t be gone long. I have been wanting to show you this.”

“Remember the planet we studied about last month? I heard something loud one night when I went out to go see some of the guys down by the lake. I followed the sound and this is what I saw.” The Jenkins’ farm was right next to the Blaine’s family farm. “You have to promise you will not say anything until we know what we are going to do.”

As they stood behind a big boulder Dave saw what looked like 3 or 4 weird looking men or creatures. He could not tell which. They were short but stocky and looked like they had brown leathery skin. It was almost as if their eyes were glowing. “Is this for real Blaine?” he said. “Of course it is for real. Do you remember the descriptions of the creatures we read about? These are not costumes for Halloween, Dave.” All of a sudden Dave had a tickle and a cough. He quickly put his hand to his mouth, but it was too late. The had heard him and grabbed their swords. Dave looked at Blaine with his eye full of fear and said, “what do we do, run?” No, we are not running Dave, we are going to send them back to where they are from.” “If they get their hands on enough of our soil to grow what they need they will multiply and take over just as did years ago.”

While Dave and Blaine were fighting the older creatures, they noticed something run to the side, but were too busy to see what it was right then. Eventually they got rid of all 4 of them. Dave’s adrenaline was running high. He could not believe what he had just done or saw. He saw. “What will happen now?” he ask Blaine. “Well if you remember in our studies, they will take the ship back home until they have more to send out.” Blaine said.

They both heard it at the same time, the noise in the bushes. Suddenly they seen him running. The ship had took off when they saw their men disentigrate. He must have gotten left. He didn’t look quite as old as the others. Dave and Blaine took off after him, searching and searching. They did not find him anywhere. They both sat down, silently thinking. No one believed Blaine when he tried to tell his father or his friends, except Dave. They had no help and they were both thinking of the same thing. If they did not find him, he would take the form of a man to blend in society and become one of them in order to produce another breed. It would be one that would be bigger and stronger because it would be one that was part man, part monster.

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