Goals for New Year

by on September 15th, 2014
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I have never been one to make a resolution for the New Year, but I feel that it is never too late to start. This year I’m going to start off small and maybe if it goes well I’ll be able to move on to bigger and more personal goals.

Save money: At the grocery store I’m going to try and stop buying all the stuff that I don’t really need, and when I do buy things I’m going to attempt to buy only things that are either on sale or that I have a coupon for. Recycle: This is such a simple on. There is a box for paper and plastic right outside my apartment so there really should be no excuse for me to not follow through with this one. I think the hardest part will be to get my roommates to join me in it. Read: I will finish a book this year. I have a book that I have been reading for the past year and half, and last night the person I borrowed it from informed me that she is engaged- I think it’s about time I return it to her. Work: I’ve become very slack on deadlines. I will start to get things done more efficiently and on time. No more turning in papers 20 minutes before the class starts. Relationships: I want to try to appreciate my relationships more. I feel that with my significant other we don’t let each other know enough how much we truly mean to each other. And with my roommates to be more open about what is bothering me.

I think that five is a nice good starting point. If I push myself too hard in the first year, I probably won’t stick with it and that would just be a downer for me.

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