Ghostly Accommodations for Bold Travelers in Europe

by on September 10th, 2014
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Hair-raising sounds, bone-chilling shadows, and spine-tingling “appearances”: you can now live all these ghostly phenomena courtesy of some ancient castles recently converted into intriguing hotels and bed & breakfasts. Following are some haunted destinations where you can spend spooky nights virtually any time of the year, but if you want to check- in with the paranormal and honor the spirits of the deceased, there is perhaps no better day than October 31st.


The Puymartin Castle is an attractive chateau situated in the south of France in Marquay, Dordogne strategically located between the towns of Sarlat and Eyzies. Legend has it that in this thirteenth century medieval castle, the figure of a woman dressed in immaculate white clothing wanders around. This would be the ghost of Therese de Saint-Clar imprisoned for fifteen years in one of the castle’s rooms after her husband surprised her with a lover (which was later executed). She was never let out of the room until her death and food was passed through a trapdoor in the ceiling. The castle is open for visits and night stays averaging 140 Euros (about $200) a night from April to November.


Are you looking for a spine-chilling encounter? Decebal Hotel, located in Baile Herculane in the Romanian Riviera, has become an attractive destination for “ghost hunters”. It is said that in the basement of this 150-year old hotel is located a treasure dating back to ancient Rome faithfully guarded by the ghost of a woman dressed in long white clothes. Local newspapers have also published the images of this lost soul making a ghostly appearance on the stairs during the renovation phase of the hotel.

Great Britain

Great Britain offers its fair share of haunted accommodations. The 15th century four-star Lythe Hill Hotel offers guests the opportunity to practice some good, old ghost hunting. Various devices such as infrared cameras, motion detectors or digital thermometers are at the guest’s disposition to measure paranormal phenomena in the building. Sleep in the Katharine of Aragon and Anne of Cleeves bedrooms for extra chills: your night may be interrupted by unexplained voices, rattling keys or ghostly appearances by a Victorian gentleman. This haunted “upgrade” will cost an extra 50 GBP (approximately $81) on the hotel’s 200 GBP (approximately $324) per night tariff.

Lythe Hill Hotel,
Petworth Road, Haslemere,
Surrey GU27 3BQ England UK
Telephone: 01428 651 251

Located in Sandbach in Cheshire the Old Hall Hotel is a Victorian style black and white building dating back to 1656. Built on the ruins of an old manor house that went down in flames, this hotel is known to be one of the most haunted locations of all Britain.

Among the paranormal phenomena encountered by customers who have stayed here are odd apparitions, along with noises and objects moving on their own. Room 11, in particular appears to be the most haunted of the hotel with reports of people catching a glimpse of a 90 year old woman sitting on a chair by the bed or visitors feeling as if their bed was on fire. A multitude of other ghosts are claimed to be routinely seen by staff and visitors.

Old Hall Hotel
High Street
CW11 1AL

The Feathers Hotel, located in the heart of Shropshire, is also considered one of the most haunted locations of the region. This hotel of medieval heritage has opened its doors to paranormal activity aficionados and avid ghost hunters. Some customers have reported seeing the ghost of a woman through the cars in the parking lot or the figure of a man dressed in Victorian fashion with his dog in the hotel’s corridors. In room 211 instead, a bullying ghost enjoys pulling the hair of its unfortunate guests. An intriguing sequence of paranormal events occurred in the hotel for several nights from May to June 1869. Bells were heard ringing one after the other when inmates had gone to sleep, creating disturbance throughout the night.

The Feathers Hotel
The Bull Ring
England, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 1584 875261


In the corridors of the twelfth century Dragsholm Slot Castle, it is said that two ghosts are aimlessly wandering: the first is the ghost of a noble woman who, following a tragic love affair with one of the servants, was imprisoned in the castle’s dungeons and let die in loneliness, the second is the ghost of the Count Earl of Bothwell. Earl was claimed to have been captured and imprisoned in the dungeons where he died of insanity five years later. Witnesses claim to occasionally see him ride his horse through the courtyards.

Dragsholm Slot Castle
Dragsholm Alle’ 4534 HORVE
Telephone: +45 59 65 33 00
[email protected]


The 17th century Ballygally Castle Hotel in Northern Ireland is claimed to be one of the most haunted building in the region. Lady Isobel Shaw, the former owner of the building, haunts the hotel from the get-go. Her favorite pastime would be welcoming guests by knocking on the doors for middle of the night wake-up calls accompanied by screams and giggles. In life, she had tragically fallen to her death from the window after being locked and starved by her husband. Madame Nixon, another spirit of the castle, can also be occasionally seen wandering in her pretty silk dress. Mediums spending the night at this hotel have reported the presence of more ghosts than guests!

Coast Road Ballygalley
County Antrim BT40 2QZ
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 2858 1066

Whether you are fascinated by history and looking forward to spend some time in ancient castles or are hoping to witness some ghostly phenomena, rest assured, you will not be deluded. Civilizations have inhabited Europe for thousands of years and it is therefore quite natural for ghostly phenomena to take place in such ancient locations. Just keep in mind that there are chances you may not get a restful night: middle of the night wake-up calls and vocalizations from restless souls are not that uncommon.

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