George Soros to Erect 50,000 Square Foot Tent to Live in at Occupy Wall Street?

by on February 20th, 2011
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In Portland Oregon the mayor’s tent is at the center of Occupy Portland. In San Francisco Nancy Pelosi has a gold plated congressional tent pitched at the center of the movement. Mayor Bloomberg of NYC thought his tent in Occupy Wall Street was the biggest best tent down there but that may soon be over shadowed by George’s Soro’s purchase of a custom fifty thousand square foot tent that would puts Circ’ de Soleil circus tents to shame with accommodations that include 12 bed rooms 34 baths, sauna, swimming pool, indoor tennis courts, a garage fro 29 cars, a ball room that hosts up to 700 people, a bowling ally and five star restaurant quality kitchen. Added to that there are servant quarters for the 73 servants required to run the facility. The Soros is so big it may have to be moved to the former site of Battery Park. It will take at least three years to build it so it will probably be a much more permanent installation for occupation than the mayor’s tent.

The occupy wall street movement is now not only alarming democrats it is also alarming libertarians. Because of all the defecating in the press the Republican Party is now actively raising money to keep the Occupy wall street movement going at least until the coming 2012 presidential election. It really helps republicans since so many democrats have their tents up in the parks. President Obama will be hosting a nationwide occupation fundraiser in occupy parks with $10,000 per plate tables available to well to do liberals and that price includes free overnight accommodations. The city of New York planning department has just released their 2055 plan for occupy wall street. 2055 being the year when the occupy Wall Street phenomenon is set to be closed down. By 2055 most of the occupants will be moving into Occupation Nursing homes.

Right now it looks as if the old world order and capitalism will survive the occupy movement but not the parks. In Portland Oregon the occupy movement has begun cutting down the trees in the park to get firewood. Reporters went to Mayor Sam Adam’s tent and he came out in his Turkish flamboyant silk robe, Pajamas and slippers saying “yes people have the right to occupy as a public expression as long as they want to.” Asked it that applied to merchants selling on the streets for economic gain, he puts a sour look on his face and says “Those greedy heartless capitalists! I don’t care if they are just selling hot dogs. That’s no communal activity. We occupiers need free hot dogs down here–meatless ones.”

Sam Adams Point man on the fine arts made certain to tell me that I had to be off the street exactly by 10 pm or else I was subject to arrest for selling art work. If I go down to live at Occupy Portland and paint pictures using excrement that is a good community cause so I can camp out as long as I like Portland is just a wonderful town but you have to know the proper limits to free expression. Everything must be much bigger and better in NYC. Concerned millionaires and billionaires have started pitching their tents now and a few shrewd wall street people are offering occupiers hundreds of thousands of dollars for long term leases of the park lands under their tents. With all the taxes the Obama administration has planned for millionaires and billionaires many will soon be forced to live in tents. Getting $200,000 for a 100 sq ft of tent land is making instant capitalists out of some of the protestors. Getting 100 sq ft for so little money in the wall street district of NYC is the bargain of the century. In Portland Oregon the self described leaders of the movement went down to the state corporations division to incorporate Occupy Portland saying “there are good corporations and bad corporations.”

Since the city kicked me off the street again for selling art. I have decided to run for president. I am hosting a one billion dollar per plate fundraiser hoping to raise a trillion dollars . Thats enough to buy most of the American media companies and probably the Canadian and European ones too for free election advertising purposes. What will i serve to the guest that is good for their health and the health of the country? All you can eat celery sticks filled with peanut butter on a New World Order Airlines Charter flight around the world. I only need a 1000 guests to enroll to reach my election fund goals. My campaign slogan will be ” Be the top one percent of the top one percent and Vote for me.” I am not running for president. I am running for world Emperor. I am the right man for the job. If you agree with Occupy Wall Street that the world needs a great tyrant. I will be the right kind of tyrant for the job. If you love the free market and free choice I am also the right man for the job. I am planning on making Ron Paul my Vice Emperor. I guarantee that my Imperial world tent will be the biggest best tent in the world at least twice the size of the Denver international airport. I am planning to build it in the center of Central Park in my Occupy uptown movement as world Imperial Emperor. It takes a really really big tent to bring in both the democrats and the republicans.

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