Every Dog Has Their Day at Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Best Dog Parks!!

by on May 27th, 2013
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When most of us are stressed out or anxious we can easily remedy that by hopping in the car, going to a spa, getting a massage, new hair-do, manicure/pedicure, going tanning; or most fun of all is the ability and freedom that most of us have to call up some close friends to gossip, talk about the woes of life and of course talk about fashion. I mean we do need to keep up with the latest!

Now is it not a shame that our dogs, our beloved, sweet best friends do not have the same luxuries as we do in regards to having free will and the ability to take off and catch up with their dog buddies? The answer, at least for me is that it is a shame, our dogs deserve to have a special carefree yet exciting place to burn off all of their endless energy; well there is such a place, yes a wonderful dog park here in the Twin Cities.

It is time to get excited, both you and your dog because what I am about to share with you will positively change the ways you think of dog parks and what you and your adorable dog experience. So are you ready for the reveal? I bet the anticipation is getting to you, making you so very anxious; if so then just breathe deep and relax because I am about to let you in on a utopian dog park.

Minneapolis, Minnesota is full of hidden gems; such as “Dog Grounds” which is every dog’s dream park, rather to the dog it is a playground. The park is called “Dog Grounds Urban off-leash dog parks”. I have to tell you that when I learned about “Dog Grounds”, I did everything necessary and I brought my Boston Terrier and Husky to the park and I was blown away; I do not know which one of us three were most excited. “Dog Grounds” built and manage three locations of their off-leash play areas, which include: “Gateway Park”, “Loring Park”, and “North Loop”.

Before I let my dogs off of their leashes at “Loring Park”, I as anyone interested in giving their dogs an experience of their lifetime simply had to abide to certain things. First any dog owner MUST obtain an “Off-Leash Park Permit”, as well as a Minneapolis Pet License, fill out and submit your application(s) to both of the web sites of Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board and the Minneapolis Animal Care & Control. Next simply download, print, complete the appropriate forms, veterinary records, and payment; once approved your license, permit and receipt will be mailed to your home; where I would only imagine that you and your dog will be anxiously awaiting. It may sound like a lot, but let me out all minds at ease, for us it was a fast process.

As with most places or things, there are rules however only four rules to follow and those are:
1. Make sure your dog has a license, an off-leash permit, and all his or her vaccinations.
2. Pick up after your dog before you leave: help us keep the park clean.
3. Stay only until closing time. That’s usually around 10:00PM.
4. Make sure your dog obeys you and behaves well with other dogs. (Dog Grounds).

Easy, breezy! Just like that you and man’s or woman’s best friend will enjoy no leashes, many new dog friends to play with, playground designed for dogs and a lot of space to chase that tennis ball or chase their own tail, whatever their fancy; all while you are mutually entertained by watching all of the dogs interacting, playing, enjoying the safe and controlled environment and fresh air all while you too are engaging in conversations, making new friends with fellow dog owners!

Check it and I urge you to sign up to join “Dog Grounds”. Do it for your dog, I bet your dog would do it for you; besides who could resist those puppy eyes!

Venture out, take in that fresh air and explore these fantastic, creatively unique “Dog Grounds” parks of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I did!

Visit: Dog Grounds http://www.doggrounds.org/

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