Easy Tips for Winter Decorating

by on October 21st, 2010
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Each season, Mother Nature provides wonderful ideas for decorating. A simple drive through the countryside can provide inspiration for color schemes and other natural elements. The winter season in particular brings an opportunity for elegant, sophisticated décor that captures the stoic beauty of ice and the shimmering, frozen water crystals that form snowflakes. The light reflecting, crystal-clear hue of ice and the white and blue hues of snow are mixed with vivid pops of color, such as the deep green of pine trees and the bright reds of poinsettias and holly berries. Winter decorating should reflect the beauty of nature while creating a cozy sanctuary.

Replace your fall décor with winter décor at about the same time you finish off the Thanksgiving leftovers. Early winter decorating will include all the bells and whistles of holiday décor. However, once the holidays are over, there are still a couple of months left for other winter décor.

Use fresh cut flowers for a winter floral arrangement.

Fresh flowers don’t have to be exclusive to spring and summer decorating. You can create beautiful winter floral arrangements using the white blooms of flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, calla lilies, orchids, tulips, amaryllis, magnolias, gardenias and anemones. You can even find white poinsettias, in addition to the traditional bright red poinsettias that are the traditional Christmas flower. Learn how to create an elegant winter floral arrangement by visiting Tickled Pink Life.

Create winter displays using natural accents.

An easy winter centerpiece can be created using bare tree branches. You can cut your own tree branches from your yard and you can also find branches for decorating your local florist. Spray paint the branches white and display them in a clear glass vase. You can also use a slightly thicker tree branch to display on a fireplace mantel or coffee table. Add embellishments such as small pine cones and holly berries. Oranges and cranberries also make nice natural accents when displayed with pine cones and evergreen trimmings.

Other natural elements you can gather from your yard or florist include small pine branches, rosemary clippings, seed pods and pine cones. Pine and rosemary will add a great natural aroma. You can create scented pine cones by brushing a small amount of clear glue on to the pine cone and then covering the cone with a ground spice such as:

Cinnamon Allspice Nutmeg Cloves

You can create snow-covered pine cones by adding white paint to the tips of each pine cone petal.

Add soft lighting accents.

Around Christmas time, you should stock up on clear string lights. You can add these lights to any type of indoor shrub or tree. Clear string lights can be used around the frame of a large mirror or to highlight architectural features such as an arched doorway or to light up the railing on a stairway banister.

White candles are another great option for accent lighting. Stock up on white tea lights and assorted sizes of pillar candles. Add a red or green candle for a pop of color. You can then create your own winter centerpieces and displays using your natural accents with white candles. Candles also help create a warm and cozy atmosphere which is the perfect contrast for the cold weather outdoors.

Create a cozy sanctuary.

Spread some warm, welcoming love around your home this winter with soft and snuggly furniture throws. Faux furs in any type of animal print or natural colors are great for throws and decorative pillows. Fleece, wool and flannel are all perfect fabric choices for winter décor.

Dress up your dining room table with a nice linen tablecloth. Offset all the white winter décor with dark colors such as burgundy, forest green, deep purple or navy. Add a white or ivory lace tablecloth over the darker linen for an elegant contrast.

Cover up those cold tile or hardwood floors with area rugs. Again, you can choose animal print to match your pillows and throws or choose patterns with bright, vivid colors that match or compliment the other darker colors in your winter décor.

Don’t forget the aroma therapy.

During the winter months, our homes are usually sealed up tight to keep the cold out and the warmth in. Since opening windows and doors is not an option this time of year, add great smelling scents to your home with scented candles, oil burners and reed diffusers. Choose scents such as warm vanilla, cinnamon, apple cinnamon, pine or any delicious flavored coffee scent.

Once your winter decorating is done, grab a cup of hot cocoa and curl up underneath a cozy throw with your favorite book.

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