Dinosaur Land, White Post, Virginia – a Great Vacation and Travel Destination

by on February 8th, 2011
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Have you ever thought about some unique place to take the family for a fun filled experience, that they will all enjoy and remember fondly over the course of their lifetime, some place that is not expensive, but has enough thrills to please everyone. Dinosaur Land located in White Post, Virginia, may be the perfect place for you and your family.

This wonderful attraction is like entering into a time machine and traveling back to the Mesozoic Era, where you will be walking amongst the huge Dinosaurs of the past. Dinosaur Land lets you enter the Mesozoic Era by walking through a short tunnel-like entrance or time chamber as I like to call it, then as you emerge on the other side you are now back in the age of the Dinosaurs.

There are numerous huge creatures waiting to meet you and your family members, including; Triceratops, Dimetrodon, Anklyosarus, Petranodon, Titanosaurus, Iquandon and many more. Not only are there huge full-sized prehistoric creatures standing by themselves, there are also displays that portray actual scenes of what daily life was like back in this era.

You will witness such amazing events as; A Pteranodon suspended high in the tree limbs, about to swoop down and attack some prey below, Tyrannosaurus battling a Triceratops, Giganotosaurus eating a Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus and Titanosaurus battling it out, and much more full sized battles and scenes to please any dinosaur fan.

Besides the normal Dinosaurs you will see a huge Ground Sloth, Giant Praying Mantis, Incredible 70 foot long Octopus, Cave Man and his wife (Cave Lady), Giant Ape (King Kong) where your children can sit in one of his giant hands, while you take a photo of them, Monstrous Cobra, and an Enormous Shark that your children can sit inside it’s mouth.

Unlike some places where they try to make a buck off everything, especially taking photographs, Dinosaur Land encourages you to take your favorite camera with you, and you can take as many photos of the amazing creatures with your family members standing next to them, as you want at no extra cost.

Besides having the photos you have taken to remind you, and others of your wonderful adventure at Dinosaur Land, you can purchase some wonderful souvenirs and gifts in the Gift Shop. The Gift Shop has; Beautiful Colored Glass items, Jewelry, Books, Leather Crafts, T-Shirts, Moccasins, and tons of other unique items.

Admission to Dinosaur Land, is very inexpensive, in fact at the time of this articles writing, the price was only $4 for those under age 11, and for those from age 11 and up, it is only $5 per person. You can hold a Birthday party in their party room, and they give special rates to groups, school trips and more, just call ahead for details, such as the planned date of your group trip, special pricing, and other details.

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