Dinner Party Drama

by on November 29th, 2010
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“God, Ted, do you always have to be late for everything?” Joan started at him as she brushed her hair behind her ear.

“But, Joan honey, I was only about a minute late this time.” He pulled out the chair next to her and started to sit.

“No ya don’t. That’s Don’s chair.” Joan smacked Ted on the head.

“Owww, baby, that hurt. Kiss it better.” He leaned his head over to her and waits.

“Oh just get up.” Joan pushes him out of the chair then gets up excitedly. “Oh Don’s coming.” She runs toward her front door, “Don, Donny, you are finally he-re.”

“Yes, Don is here. And since his handsome self is here the food may be served and the fun may begin,” A deep manly voice echoes from the hallway as a tall dark man enters with Joan attached to his arm.

“Ted, this most beautiful creature is Don. Don meet Ted.” Joan gently runs a finger down Don’s half unbuttoned shirt and Don just stares off. “Well Don have a seat. You can sit here right next to me. Ted, you sit on the other end of the table. I’ll have Nelly serve the food” Joan walks Don to the table as an elderly woman in a maid’s uniform walks submissively into the brightly decorated room. “Nelly, bring us the food and pour us the best bottle of white wine I have.”

“Yes, Mistress Joan.”

“She’s just so servile. Don’t you agree, Don?” Joan rubs her leg up against Don’s and smiles brightly at her failing attempts to make conversation.

“Don agrees only with his beautiful self.” He forcefully pushes Joan’s leg away not noticing her hurt expression.

“Joan, lovely, I agree with you. I would agree to anything you say, my love.” Ted stood moving the chair much closer to her. He whispered in her ear, “I can’t stand to be away from you.”

“Oh, please stop drooling over me, ya fiend. It’s so disgusting.” She moves her chair away from Ted trying to get closer to Don. “Don, will you make that fiend stop drooling over me?”

“Oh please, Joan look at how you are acting with him. You act like he’s the best looking thing of the face of this earth.” Ted jumps out of his chair knocking it to the floor.

“Don is the best looking thing on this earth.” He crossed his legs and stares passed Ted at his reflection in a wall mirror.

“Oh why don’t you just shut up you… you… you”

“Beautifulest man on earth.” Don stood growing angry. “Do you try to insult Don? Does this little man think he can take Don the mighty? Don thinks not, you funny little man.”

“You are not beautiful; you are the ugliest conceited man on this earth. You will not steal my Joan from me!”

“Don will not because Don only loves himself.”

“Of course you do. Haha.” Ted climbs across the table and punches Don in the face.

“You dare to touch Don.” Don runs his hand under his nose, wiping away the trickle of blood.

“Ted, you hurt my beautiful Don. How dare you? Get out! Get out now!” Joan is screaming frantically and pointing at the door.

“Joan, I did this for you. He is no good.”

“Ted, don’t you dare! You can’t tell me what is good for me! I am not yours to own. Leave my sight, now!”

Ted hangs his head and walks out of the room then calls back, “You just lost the best friend you ever had.” A door slams loudly and Ted is gone.

“Don does not like these low people. He is too good for them. Don is leaving before it is too late for him. Don will not speak with these people again.” And with that the tall dark man is gone from Joan’s life too.

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