Diet and Training/Workout for Fitness

by on March 9th, 2015
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Everyone want to be fit, healthy and in shape. These words are the most used and heard in today’s health and weight-conscious world. Every day you see and hear these words on the TV, in newspapers, on the covers of magazines and everywhere else. “Start becoming healthy!!”, “Try our product and get in shape immediately!!”, “It’s about time you started getting into shape!!” are some of the most commonly heard slogans today. Well there is some truth in them, to an extent. I am not speaking about the products being endorsed, but about the fact that you need to stay fit, healthy and in shape. First off, let’s have a look at what these words actually mean. Most people seem to confuse these words to have a single meaning, together: huge biceps, chest and six-pack abs. Well, that would be bodybuilding. What we are looking to achiever here is on a much smaller scale: healthy means you want to have your body in a position where it can endure diseases, and is not prone to stuff like allergies, etc very easily. For that, you need to build up your immune system, and that comes from a proper diet. Next, being fit means your body can do some physical activity that would have considerable effect on your overall well-being, i.e. you can exercise well. And if you exercise well, you will gradually “get into shape”, which means your physical appearance changes. There’s no need for a killer physique, but just an absence of that flabby stomach would be enough to start off with. So, with these things in mind, let’s look at how you can start!

Now, in order to work your way to fitness through exercise, you will have to concentrate on your body as a whole. Many people don’t realize this, but each of your body parts need to be concentrated upon individually and these include your shoulders, chest, back, arms, forearms, stomach (abs), legs and calves. The trick to start working out is to concentrate on specific areas each day of the week. Make sure you get one day of rest, most likely a Sunday, and work out for the remainder of the week. You could just ask your local gym instructor to prepare a plan for you, more often than not they won’t charge you, and if they do, it will be nominal. If not, you can always check out the numerous fitness websites available on the internet for a routine that suits you best. For example, you could start off Monday with working on your chest, arms and forearms, then on Tuesday your stomach, Wednesday back and shoulders, Thursday the stomach and hips again (this is where most of the fat is), and Friday your legs and arms. This is just a sample schedule, try and select one that works best for you. None of the exercises have to be intense, but just on a beginner’s level, because we are aiming for fitness here. A decent shape of your physique would suffice. Later, if you feel like it, of course, you could start working out seriously for that fab physique.

Now after you planned and begun your exercise, you need to couple that with a proper diet as well. If you work out and do not change your eating habits, all the fat that you would have lost will be put back on, because of the food. It is advisable to eat several small meals a day than 2 or 3 large ones. You could start off in the morning with eggs, cereal and milk, then have a protein shake mid-morning, chicken, rice and some vegetables for lunch, almonds, fruits and milk again in the evening, and end your day with fruit juice and vegetables. Though this diet may sound bland, once you get used to it, you’ll love it. Always remember, eat heavily in the morning, and as light as you can in the night. Your body takes up precious resources for digestion, so never eat heavy before sleeping. Good luck! For more tips visit :

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