Dental Phobia

by on November 6th, 2010
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I myself, over the years have had many teeth extracted and even though I dread the procedure, once it is done I do feel so much better. In some individuals though, and I experienced this with my last visit, they may find themselves in a hyperventilating state. Yes, I have abnormally hard teeth to extract and it is painful, but his last time was the worse.

Just because you have a dental phobia does not mean to skip your checkups. Dental health is very important and actually plays a part in other areas of your health. According to the American Dental Association, poor dental health can lead to heart disease.

If you do suffer from dental phobia, don’t go to the dentist alone. Always bring a friend or a relative along that can help encourage you. They need to be a very strong-willed, yet calming individual so they can make you understand and relax with the upcoming procedure.

Search around and find a dentist that you are comfortable with. One of my worst experiences was at a different dentist office than I usually frequented and I wouldn’t have went there except it was an emergency. Check out a few and visit the offices. You should feel calm and comfortable with the staff and let them know upfront that you have a phobia. They see many patients and there is several patients with the same fear as you.

Make sure, once you have chosen your dentist to go ahead and make an appointment. Most dentists will be very kind and help you understand and explain the procedures that need to be done.

Before the visit try deep breathing exercises to help calm your nerves. Visualize yourself with beautiful, white teeth. If all else fails, talk with your dentist or regular doctor about taking an anti-anxiety medication prior to the visit. Don’t forget to take along some calming music too. Some dentists actually have this available but it is perfectly fine to take your own.

If you are having a procedure done, like extraction, root canal, etc. make sure to go ahead and ask the dentist to sedate you. In some cases, they may need to do this anyway. This is another reason why you should have someone with you. It will take a little time for the sedative to completely wear off. There is also general anesthesia which can be administered if you are not likely to react poorly too it.

To completely tackle your phobia you may need to seek out the help from a psycologist who specializes in phobias. There are some really good therapists out there but you, yourself must put in the effort in order to heal.

Dental procedures have come a long way over the years but it doesn’t mean we’ve given up are fears. As long as you are willing to help yourself, find a great dentist that is understanding and learn how to remain calm you will soon realize it’s not too bad.

No, not all of my extractions have been pleasant. The roots of my teeth are actually massed together and very long and will not break free like other individuals teeth. Trust me, the dentist puts in alot of muscle to get one of my teeth pulled. Some visits do hurt worse than others, but after it is done and I have rested, I feel so much better with the bad tooth gone from my mouth.

American Dental Association

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