Decorating a Kitchen in Cream and Sage

by on October 31st, 2010
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Green and sage are a lovely color combination for a kitchen, especially when it has country cottage charm or old-fashioned style. I designed a green and sage kitchen for one of my clients, and it turned out beautifully. She wanted sage cabinets and cream colored walls and countertops. I implemented a couple of other natural colors to help highlight the space in both functional and creative new ways. Consider my ideas for decorating a kitchen in green and sage, and transform the heart of your home into the dream room you have always wanted.

Begin with Cream Colored Walls

I began with the walls when decorating my client’s kitchen in cream and sage. I applied high-hiding primer to cover her bright yellow walls, and I finished with a lovely shade of cream. I also applied the cream colored paint on the ceiling. It was originally white and would not have looked good with the creamy new hue. The cream colored walls were a major improvement, and the kitchen looked much larger after covering the shocking bright yellow paint.

I spent more time applying painter’s tape than applying the paint, but it resulted in a very neat job. It is important to take the time to apply painter’s tape, remove outlet covers and cover countertops, cabinets and anything else that could become splashed or dotted with paint.

Stain or Paint Existing Cabinets Sage Green

When decorating a kitchen in sage and cream, consider painting or staining existing cabinets. If existing cabinetry is in good condition this is a great way to update. Best of all the wood does not have to be stripped from top to bottom.

My client had beautiful dark wood cabinets with bead-board doors, and she wanted to keep her existing cabinetry. This was a great choice, especially since sage green would go beautifully with the dark wood. I removed the doors and hardware, and I sanded, primed and painted the wood a rich shade of sage green. They looked better than new, and she was very pleased with the results.

I finished by decorating the doors with new hardware. She chose round copper knobs and hinges. They coordinated beautifully with her copper sink and her copper kitchen decor. She had several copper pans and kettles hanging from an overhead rack. She also chose copper gelatin molds for decorating the backsplash. It was a lovely combination.

Accents, Light Fixtures and More

To complete her beautiful kitchen I suggested a couple of accent colors. I recommended decorating open cabinetry with an array of marigold and cinnabar Fiestaware. It was decorative and practical since it was something she could display and use. I also updated her outdated hanging light fixture globes with a beautiful cream and sage alternative. The kitchen looked worthy of a home decor magazine, and the decorating update was completed for far less than my client had ever imagined.

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