“Dancing with the Stars” Crowns a New Champion

by on September 6th, 2010
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On Monday’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Rob Kardashian saved the best for last, topping regular leaders J.R. & Karina and Ricki & Derek in their final dances for viewer votes. He definitely deserved most improved dancer of the season; actually, he improved more than a lot of celebrities in past seasons. Tuesday saw the return of the other couples of the season, performing new dances for the 2-hour finale. The finalists had to perform new dances, including an instant dance, for judges scores before “Dancing with the Stars” crowned a new champion.

The show opened with a performance by some of the professional dancers, all of them partners of eliminated participants. The eliminated participants came out one by one, followed by the three finalists dressed in red and black. After a montage of Monday night’s performances, Lady Antebellum sang their latest song, “Dancing Away from My Heart.” The group returned to sing “Need You Now.”

The three finalists chose their favorite dances in a bid for becoming the final two; the scores were added to Monday’s scores. Ricki & Derek chose to do the tango that they performed to the theme of “Psycho.” Their moves were crisper than the first time. Rob & Cheryl followed with their foxtrot, which Rob did in memory of his dad. J.R. & Karina performed last, reprising their jive without the lifts and lindy that lowered their score.

Rob & Cheryl were in third place with a 26, J.R. & Karina got second place with a 28, and Ricki & Derek took first place with a 30. Ricki & Derek moved up to first place after the dance. Once all of the scores were calculated, Ricki & Derek landed in third place, meaning J.R. & Karin and Rob & Cheryl were the finalists.

The final two couples had to dance an instant samba to “Shake Your Bon-Bon” by Ricky Martin. While the finalists practiced, the eliminated couples were brought to the dance floor. Kristin & Mark and Chynna & Tony, who surprisingly left early, performed complete dance routines.

The finalists finally hit the ballroom floor for the last two dances of Season 13, an instant samba. J.R. & Karina came out first and performed what I thought was a safe samba. Rob & Cheryl followed with a good samba, considering the limited time they had to practice. Len gave them a standing ovation. When all was said and done, J.R. & Karina won the mirror ball trophy, the favorite from the beginning of the season. J.R. helped Karina win her first “Dancing with the Stars” trophy.

In my evaluation, I started out not looking forward to Season 13 of “Dancing with the Stars.” The cast contained people I didn’t care about. As a matter of fact, it was the most starless cast ever on the show. By the end, I rooted for many of the couples, some of whom I didn’t expect to like, and a lot of couples left earlier than expected. I did have a problem with the final show, though. Next season, the producers should consider cutting it down to one hour or an hour and a half. I started getting bored after the first hour. We’ll have to wait until next year to see what is in store for Season 14 of “Dancing with the Stars.”



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