Dallas Cowboy’s Fan Season Journal Entry #5

by on March 7th, 2015
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The Washington Redskins, come to town next Monday night, they are unbeaten, on a role, and I have grown up not liking them, the players, or the coaches. They are the premier rivals for the Dallas Cowboys.
I know some would say the Steelers, some would say the Eagles, and a few would mention the Giants. While Cowboys fans hate losing to those teams, nothing compares to losing to the Redskins, nothing. George Allen started it for me in 1971, he became the Head Coach and General Manager of the Redskins, and the rivalry started in my eyes. Billy Kilmer, Sonny Jurgenson, Larry Brown, Jack Pardee, and John Riggins all added to it. But George Allen, with that smug looking smile, standing on the sidelines, always made you want the Cowboys to run the score up, but Tom Landry never would. Jimmy Johnson winning his first and only game in 1989, against Washington, in Washington, made the other 15 losses worth it that year. The Redskins had won the Superbowl in 1988, and beating them made the rebuilding of the Cowboys easier to take.
I can remember our family gathering to watch them play Dallas when I was a kid, my uncles, my aunts, everybody hated the Redskins. My uncles, aunts, cousins, and friends could never all agree on anything, except hating the Redskins. For two days each year, no matter what else was going on, they could all agree, nothing mattered but Harvey Martin, or Randy White knocking a Redskin on his butt. Sometimes on Thanksgiving Day, when the Redskins would come to town, more people would crowd into my Grandmother’s house than any other time of the year, some of my fondest childhood memories were created on those occasions. We loved hating John Riggins, Joe Gibbs, and Joe Theisman, as much as we loved my Grandmother’s cooking. I guess hating the Redskins is a family tradition.
The game next Monday will answer alot of questions for both teams, are they for real, will one or both become legitimate playoff teams, or are they early season wonders the Eagles, and Giants will leave behind as the season goes on. I can’t say much about the current days Redskins, I have not watched them much, having better things to do. Change the cat litter, pull some weeds in the flower bed, wash the car, they all rank ahead of the Redskins.
No matter what the records say, or the talent dictates, the Cowboys will beat the Redskins handily, at least that is what I hope happens. 31 to 17, that would be a nice score. Nothing like playing Cowboys and Indians to bring out the kid in us all.

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