Cyber City Chronicles Part 1

by on March 9th, 2015
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Jack felt the cool breeze upon his face while he gazed at the night sky. He took one last puff of his cigarette, then flicked it into the street. He thought about kicking the habit, then thought that it wouldn’t matter because the atmosphere had become so polluted that even the healthiest person had a 50/50 chance of getting lung cancer. Jack looked up at the sign on the building which read “Jack Devoe, Private Investigator”. He hadn’t had any business in several days, and when he did it was usually stuff like helping people find their lost robot , or spying on someone’s cheating husband. Jack was aching for a real case, something he could sink his teeth into. He wanted some action, because in real life being a private detective was boring. It’s nothing like those old black and white movies, not exciting at all.
Things hadn’t always been this way, at one time Jack Devoe had been a hotshot detective, he was one of the best. He was a homicide detective for the Cyber City Police Department, until his temper cost him his job. It was the Cyber City slayer case, Jack had caught the guy. He started thinking about what the creep did to those women and just lost it. Billy Branson was his name, he was a harvester, you know the kind of thug that kills people to harvest their organs and sell them on the black market. The creep chose female victims because they were easy targets, they didn’t put up much of a fight. The man was a coward. To think that Branson did it all for money.
Anyway, Jack knew Billy Branson was guilty, so he beat the snot out of the scrawny bastard. Not only did the Police department get their pants sued off of them, but the case got thrown out, the defense convinced the jury that Jack tampered with evidence. So, that was the end of Jack Devoe’s Police career. He missed those days, back on the police force. Now he longed for the adventures of his past years. “What can you do?” He muttered to himself. He flicked his cigarette into the street and went inside.
The hover train zoomed through the Industrial sector. It was just past sunrise. Harvey Stovitz Peered out the window at the dingy scenery. The Industrial sector was comprised mainly of Robot factories and abandoned buildings that are occasionally occupied by squatters. “A sad sight to see.” Harvey said to Deborah, who was sitting across from him. He wasn’t sure what Deborah’s last name was. As a matter of fact, he didn’t Know much about her at all. She was just someone he ran into on a regular basis while taking the train. “The entire city is a sad sight, If you ask me. When I was a child the city was beautiful” Deborah stated. “Nowadays it is a crime ridden dump. “
Ten minutes later the train landed in Cyber City’s grand central station. Harvey stepped off the train and proceeded through the doors of the station, down the corridor and out the front door. “Taxi!” he yelled in order to hail a cab. “Hop in sir! Where to?” said the robot cab driver. He war or of those new shiny models, they were not only more energy efficient than the old models, but a lot friendlier as well. “To 97th and Warkowsky, my friend.” Harvey Stovitz replied.
Fifteen minutes later the cab rolled up to the curb. Harvey peered out the window at the sign which read “Jack Devoe, Private Investigator.” the car screeched to a halt. “That will be 120 credits sir” The driver announced. Harvey handed the credits to the robot driver, then exited the cab. He walked towards the building, up the stairs and through doors. “Harvey Stovitz! Is that you?” Jack Devoe said in excitement. “Hey Jack, you old dog” said Harvey. “So, What brings you to this side of town” Asked Jack, curiously. “I would like to sat that I just came here to see a good friend, Jack, but I would be lying” Harvey told Jack “I am actually here because I need your help. My grand daughter is missing, and if anyone can find her it’s you” Harvey said. “So, you came all the way over here so I can help you find a lost little girl? Harvey looked at him and said “She’s not a little girl. She’s 23 years old, and she may have been abducted. Her name is Mary. Can you help me out? I can pay you well.” Then Jack said “Sure I can help you.”
He first stop of Jack’s Investigation was the Apartment of Mary Stovitz. He began looking around for some clue to her whereabouts on the night that she disappeared. There had to be something, at least a message on her answering machine, or perhaps an e-mail. Suddenly, he saw someone move in the shadows. “Hey!” He shouted. The Person began to run. “Stop!” Jack yelled. The person climbed out the window and ran down the fire escape. Jack went followed him. He found him self chasing the man down an alley. The last thing he remembered was getting hit on the head, then everything went black. Jack awoke to find himself tied to a chair, in what appeared to be a warehouse.
To be continued…..

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