Coupon Inserts – What Are They?

by on October 29th, 2010
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With couponing becoming more and more popular you may hear the words “insert”, or “coupon insert” often but if you are just entering the world of couponing you may not know exactly what this means. Here is a brief description of what inserts are and when to find them.

Each Sunday the newspapers contain what are known as inserts which contain all the money saving coupons. Although it may vary by region the common inserts you will find are Redplum, Smartsource, P & G and General Mills. Each Sunday you are likely to find at least one redplum insert and one smartsource insert. Two inserts are common but there are weeks which hold even more exciting money saving coupons!

Twice a month you will find the P & G insert which is filled with coupons for products by Proctor & Gamble. Coupons for products such as Tide, Pampers, Huggies, Downey, Cascade and many others can be found in these inserts. These coupons expire on the last day of the month they are included- November P & G coupons expire on 11/30. Although they have a shorter life then other coupons they are often valuable in saving money!

There are weeks which will contain 3-4 inserts total! By visiting you can preview the upcoming Sunday’s coupons, find out which inserts to expect and even view a yearly schedule of inserts!

You can print coupons by visiting, and . Not all coupons which will be in the inserts are available to print so do not skip getting your Sunday papers!

Tip: Many website which list matchups and deals using your coupons will use insert abbreviations and insert date to indicate where you can find the coupon needed. On the edge of each coupon insert, in VERY small print, is the insert date. This is very helpful to know depending on how you choose to organize your coupons. I was not aware of this at first, oh the time I wasted not knowing there was a date printed! You will want to become familiar with the abbreviations for the inserts:

SS = Smartsource

RP = Redplum

PG = P & G

GM = General Mills

Now that you know what an insert is now you can move on to using those coupons and saving money!

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