CNN: Paterno, Penn State President Ousted Immediately

by on September 2nd, 2011
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According to a report from CNN, the board of trustees at Penn State finally took action amidst the child sex scandal looming over their institution. Besides letting the president (Graham Spanier) of the school go, they also fired legendary coach Joe Paterno. As previously thought, he is not going to leave on his own terms at the end of the 2011 football season. These disciplinarian actions are a first regarding an alleged series of events surrounding a retiree who has fallen from grace.

Jerry Sandusky served as an assistant coach under Paterno at Penn State from the late 60’s until 1999. Over a 15-year period, he is accused of sexually abusing eight young boys. Charges vary from touching to anal sex. To date, the offenses are said to have mainly occurred on the school property. So, why are Paterno and other school officials under fire? They are said to have had knowledge of Sandusky’s behavior and not acted to their fullest capacity.

In 2002, a graduate assistant informed Joe Paterno that he witnessed Sandusky performing a sex act on a 10-year-old boy in the shower area of Penn State’s football facilities. The following day, Paterno notified the Athletic Director Tim Curley; an act that fulfilled his ‘duty.’ The police however were never notified of the abuse.

Joe Paterno and other Penn State officials have been criticized for not taking more action. Outsiders feel they should have contacted the police, especially considering Sandusky continued to have access to young boys. After retiring, he started a charity for at-risk children called the Second Mile. If he is indeed a child molester, Paterno and other Penn State officials were perfect enablers. They kept his secret, which further endangered the male minors he had access to.

The case against Sandusky is sure to stay a priority in the news. As the truth unfolds, hopefully, the powers-that-be over educational institutions across America will take note. Children should always have precedence over an athletic program or brand, regardless of the amount of money on the table.

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