Civil Rights, Fast and Furious and the NRA

by on March 8th, 2015
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As someone who believes quite strongly in the principles and ideals of self-ownership I often find myself at odds with the very organizations that claim to be protecting or attempting to protect my “rights” as an individual. With the BATF and FBI’s massive deliveries of firearms (blamed on law abiding citizens for over 4 years) to known hardened criminal elements coming to light and the subsequent backpedaling of the Department of Homeland Security as well as the Department of Justice in regards to this long running operation it seems clear that now is the time for the gun owning American to take a moral stand.

And yet, all we have seen is the ramblings of those in charge with the NRA and the GOA at times incoherent at best. Wayne La’Pierre of the NRA stated, “It’s time for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate the ever-growing Fast and Furious scandal, because we know the Obama administration isn’t going to tell us the truth.” And yet the NRA continues to support minor legislation against self-defense and gun ownership by supporting individuals like John McCain and others across the United States.

The Brady Organization in March of 2009 released a report titled, “how our weak gun laws arm criminals in Mexico and America.” Unfortunately for them when the actual facts regarding the thousands of guns being “exported” from the United States by law abiding individuals and gun store owners came to light with the recent admissions of agents of the BATF and FBI they lost credibility. Of course as all good politically motivated organizations are prone to do, they have failed to apologize for bad information. And in fact continue to expand on that report with a recent article, “The report documents the tragic toll “missing” firearms can take, as guns that disappear from gun manufacturers’ plants without records of sale are frequently trafficked by gun traffickers and prized by criminals.”

The NRA a supposedly “pro-gun rights” organization responded with the following, “The best thing gun owners can do is to demand their federal legislators ensure that BATFE and DOJ will be subjected to a complete top-to-bottom housecleaning through Congressional investigations.” Which as we have seen in the past works well, I mean having the organization that allows (through faulty legislation) the very acts they also “houseclean” against is tantamount to having the rapist preform the examination at the hospital.

The NRA, Brady Organization, BATF and the FBI should simply set down everything- split up the money they have stolen, misappropriated or falsely advertised to obtain among every one of their members and or the families of those murdered by their organizations and walk away.

It’s time for individuals who desire to remain “free” and to have their liberty to stop supporting these frivolous organizations and the system that has created them. We at the SMART network have begun a new approach to safety; networking for safety is beneficial, important and above all SMART. We do not lobby in congress, needlessly wasting billions of dollars every year to move one step forward for every two steps back, we do not support the government and its minions at the DHS, the vaunted FBI and BATF. We support the individual, sign up today and save 5%, use code MATJ001 (September 16, 2011)

Take back your liberty, be free, and remember individuals do not need the permission of other individuals to live their lives. You are free if you choose to be free, or you are a slave if you so choose.

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