Christmas 2011

by on March 7th, 2015
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It’s ten days before Christmas, I’m alone in my house
I have no money for presents and feel like a louse
It’s nothing I did I went to work every day
But there is no work at my job and therefore no pay

The bills at my house they continue to come
I keep piling them up and feel like a bum
I go out every day, a job I must find
But places I go say you’re out of your mind

Work, there is no work, don’t you watch the news
we have all lost our jobs and there is still more to lose
They don’t care about us in Washington D.C.
It’s all about their politics, not you and me

I am down on my knees beginning to pray
With my eyes closed tight I hear someone say
What is wrong with you son with your heart awry
Christmas is about love not the gifts that you buy

I slowly opened my eyes to see who was there
And was caught by surprise to find the room bare
I thought to myself who could this possibly be
It must be an angel sent from God to me

I prayed even harder telling all of my woes
The voice in the room said God already knows
You must stand on your feet and do all that you can
Remember to keep the faith in your fellow man

Christmas is all about a child and his love
Counting our blessings from our father above
A baby was born in a manger they say
To bring us better days and a much better way

We always seem to forget that this time of year
We get so wrapped up in our merriment and cheer
But if you can remember the Lord in your heart
We’ll have a good Christmas or at least a good start

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