Celebrating Whitney Houston

by on January 10th, 2011
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On Saturday the 11th Feb 2012, at a hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif, we lost a powerful icon, a mother, a sister and a friend. And as the world grieves the death of Grammy winning Whitney Houston, we take a look back at how much she impacted the lives of all those who heard her voice in the 80’s and 90’s.

At 48, the blues icon was found face under water, in what seemed like a tragic drowning death. At her age, she had achieved so much, yet lost so much. All in all, we are graced to have had the opportunity of knowing this great woman.

At this trying time, we can only wish her family and daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown our condolences and we encourage her to use the good virtues bestowed in her by mother and the beautiful voice she has to keep her mother’s legacy going.

Life happens and people go through a lot just to reach self actualization. And this is what I’d term of the ‘I will always love you singer’. Personally, I applause her determination to try be a better person, and I give a tribute to the singer who helped nature in me the beauty of love and the feeling in itself. I know many of us remember her greatly and we will all miss that voice.

Whitney made life beautiful, she wasn’t afraid to sing her heart, literally, and wasn’t afraid of living. And even when life got tough, she knew that Jesus loved her.! We know where she is now, she has found peace and restoration.

Rest in peace Whitney.

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