Can There Be Too Much Technology in Our Lives?

by on November 10th, 2010
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Technology verses our basic needs

I feel that too much technology is bad because it takes us away from the things that are most important such as time with family and learning to enjoy nature. Instead of spending time with loved ones, we have to keep our nose to the grind stone to acquire enough money for all the latest new gadgets which only bring a very brief and artificial kind of happiness! We are still starving for the simple things in life that bring lasting happiness!

What are we teaching our children?

When our children see us working so hard to acquire the latest new gadget they start to believe that acquiring things is what makes for happiness! They try to fill the emptiness they feel inside due to the lack of time the parents spend with them to acquire new gadgets by acquiring more toys for themselves! However, this does not work! It only makes them want more and keep searching for something to fill that void which eventually leads to greed.

What my grandchildren love the most

How funny it is that in this day and age with all this technology my grandchildren would rather spend time with me playing a table game. They especially love playing an old fashioned game of cards with me on the deck overlooking the pond in the backyard. When it is cold outside they enjoy playing table games in front of a roaring fire. We all have a deep hunger for the very basic elements that only nature and human contact can give us in order to feel warm, comforted and loved on the inside. I believe that God has given us this hunger!

I am blessed to have a home in the country

Although I feel so blessed to have a home in the country where we are surrounded by so much nature, there are many things one can do in the city to enjoy nature. In fact, I grew up in the city and loved it!! You can enjoy playing games in your beautifully manicured yard in the city. Having an abundance of flowers in your yard or home really makes you feel warm and loved. Your children and grand children will love helping you with your gardening too! There is something so fulfilling about getting back to nature and having flowers to look at while you sit and enjoy reading, table games, or just relaxing with friends in your yard.

My own Childhood

Although in light of today’s standards we might have been considered to be poor when I was a child, I always could enjoy my Dad’s garden and flowers that he cared for so diligently. Dad couldn’t afford to buy me a brand new bike, but, I still felt loved, happy and fulfilled as I enjoyed helping him in the garden, going on fishing trips or boating on the lake. I never knew what it was like to have new things because I would always get my brother’s or sister’s hand me downs. However, I rode my bike every single day and enjoyed playing tennis, badminton, fishing or swimming in the lake in the summer. I had a very happy and fulfilled childhood with an abundance of natural things to do.

My Italian Dad’s Motto is my Motto too

Dad taught me that no matter what type of work I am doing, I should always either sing or whistle! By the way, the Bible mentions making a joyful noise unto the Lord in Psalm 100 verses 1-5! This might be where Dad got the idea to always be in a singing mode or it might be part of Dad’s Italian upbringing. So many people don’t really know what the true Italians were like! I know from my own childhood that at least in my family they were always singing and making merry throughout the day, and without the vino! No matter whether they were sad or upset, they always tried to sing their way back into a good mood!!

Even to this day whenever I have a project that I am working on whether it is painting the walls, mopping the floors or cooking, I immediately go into song mode. This makes the project take on a whole new dimension. It is during these times that I get ideas for songs, and, at times I will briefly stop what I am doing to write down my idea!

Try something new

Instead of seeking happiness with a new gadget, try to reacquaint yourself with nature and human relationships! God gave us nature as well as other human beings to love and enjoy!

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