Breaking Dawn Part I Movie Review

by on March 7th, 2015
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I’m definitely not a critic expert but I can give you an honest semi-fan opinion of this movie. I did not think this movie was as entertaining as the other two, they just didn’t give me enough material to make fun of the scenes like in prior movies.

Twilight was awesome because it was full of great scenes worthy of eternal mock, I even let everyone walked passed me after the movie was over just to see the males reaction, it was obvious that they attended only because their girlfriend’s made them go and it reflected in their comments: “Those are two hours I’ll never get back” said one male to another perfect stranger who agreed with him. But breaking Dawn Part I was just so boring it’s not even funny.

First of all, the movie had very little action and most of the movie was focused on the wedding day and the accessories, such as the dress, hair piece and ring. I’m sure their sponsors were happy!

On the other hand, the whole eternal love drama is just over done and let’s face it, when have you seen a boy that looks like Jacob crying for the love of a girl? It’s just too much at this point of the teen melodrama but it is sure to melt some little girl’s hearts.

Stephanie the writer of the books really taps into a female point of view, I mean what girl doesn’t want to feel loved and wanted by two supposedly considered gorgeous males that fight for her love? (I’m sorry but Edward is a creepy hypothermic albino, that’s just not hot). While I am a female, I just feel that she leaned way too much on the whole lame romantic drama.

The whole theme is focused on some average girl that all of the sudden is viewed as extraordinary, Bella, Bella, Bella, but what about Bella? If she ever had any sex appeal, this movie made sure it was eliminated from her real life. I’ll have to give the movie directors two thumbs up, they really made Bella look completely malnourished and scary looking. The pregnancy really shows her weak human nature and turns her allies into enemies that want to get rid of her and her baby but Jacob comes to the rescue while Edward goes to town in the delivery room.

The movie was just draggy and it seemed so long, but it you don’t want to believe me just read some of the critic’s reviews, they even call it Kool-Aid propaganda.

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