Blood Type B’s Wild Optimism

by on March 7th, 2015
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Learning someone’s blood type isn’t just for physicians anymore. In the pop culture of East Asian countries, blood type is also an indicator of personality and behavior. According to an article from ABC News International, it is as popular as astrology when it comes to predicting what a person would be like and there are even groups that facilitate dating by blood type. It can be fun see whether a person fits the stereotype of a typical blood type.

Oh Behave!

“Seeks freedom.” – ABC News International.

Suffice it to say person with blood type B hates rules, order, and anything that puts them into a conventional position. They want to be entertained and are open to anything new and shiny. They can be flighty, always looking forward to the next big thing, and thereby ignoring the ordinary happenings around them. Other people may wonder how a type B person can live like that, but he or she views the world as an amusement park, full of fun and games. This makes them seem wildly optimistic and cheerful.

Everyone has known a friend like this. Indeed, type B’s make good friends because they will always find ways to cheer up their friends, making others forget about all the doom and gloom. But they also make for short attention spans, so ‘behaving’ in the traditional sense will be hard for them. Children and students with type B blood will tend to be headaches for the parents and the teachers, but they can be oh-so-cute and charming when they want to be. In romantic relationships, type Bs will be a capricious lot, so they tend to burn hot and fast, and then the wandering eye takes over.

Being All You Can Be

According to popular blood type author Tong-Son Pak, individuals with blood type B are also extremely creative. And because they open themselves to a variety of experiences that are unbound by convention, this also feeds into their creative processes. Author Yating Guo added that since they to do not particularly follow social niceties or cues, this also makes them very truthful. Little white lies take too much thought, so blood type B people can be blunt, but their charming personality can make truths sound refreshing. Nothing is ever bottled up inside, so in a way, blood type B people are like hurricanes, full of intense energy, which can be destructive, but after they blow through, people tend to see their surroundings in a different way. Being with them is either a wild ride that can expand horizons, or a trainwreck of epic proportions.

Via ABC News International, Famous B’s:

Jack Nicholson

Johnny Depp.

Are you an B, or do you know someone who has an B blood type?


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