Beauty Is.

by on August 2nd, 2010
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Beauty is more than legs,
It’s having beliefs you can stand up for.
It’s more than eyes,
Beauty is kindness you can see.
It’s more than some flat stomach or six pack.
Beauty, is having the guts to say how you feel.

Beauty is more than lips,
It’s the warmth our words can give.
It’s more than an ample chest,
Beauty is the heart that beats inside.
It’s more than soft, manicured hands.
Beauty, is the good works we can do with them.

Beauty is more than white teeth,
It’s knowing to bite your tongue to spare others.
It’s more than designer clothes,
Beauty is wearing your heart on your sleeve.
It’s more than smooth, unblemished skin.
Beauty, is glowing from the inside out.

Beauty is under the skin, the clothes and teeth.
It is beneath the lips, eyes and body.
Beauty, is how we live and who we are.

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