An American Political Prisoner in Solitary Confinement?

by on March 7th, 2015
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One would think that any American citizen arrested for a crime other than treason or terrorism against our own government would be treated as a criminal and not as a political prisoner. This is based on whether or not there is a connection between the act and the person to justify the arrest, the conviction and finally the imprisoned for their participation in some type of political activity against the government. This was not the case for Border Agent Jesus Diaz who has been mistreated and railroaded into a solitary cell for bogus “color of law” violations, specifically excessive use of force but whisked away into darkness as a political prisoner inside our traditional dungeons called prisons.

Yet his placement in solitary confinement goes along the same parameters as the governments used to house and imprison Bradley Manning, the Wiki leak soldier who was also placed in solitary confinement for crimes against his government. Bradley Manning was a United States Army soldier who was arrested in May 2010 in Iraq on suspicion of having passed restricted material to the website WikiLeaks. One has to ask out loud if this imprisonment was justified for official reasons or if this detention prior to sentencing without bail was a deliberately motivated action by the government officials involved in this matter to stifle his case and hide it from other officials and the public. Facts of this case reveal a long list of fabricated charges endorsed by a federal judge and prosecutor to please the Mexican government who filed the charges against Agent Diaz. In fact, it is reasonable to conclude that the Mexican government ordered the imprisonment of Agent Diaz for conspiring to do his job along the border and stop illegal immigrants from entering this country, stop drug and weapons smuggling attempts and stop illegal or illicit activities that are being conducted by the citizens of Mexico.

In other words, Mexico has demonstrated to the American public and law officials they can dictate to American authorities who to arrest, what charges are appropriate, act in collusion to fabricate crimes against their own government and seek harsh and toxic prison conditions to break the man down. Fox News, and other newspapers are now barely picking up the story as there are brave public officials getting involved in reviewing this most concealed matter and demanding the Justice Department explain why they didn’t seek administrative sanctions in this case if the facts presented were in all actuality truthful. This was one of the concerns of a California congressman, Duncan Hunter, who wrote a letter to Eric Holder, asking for a detailed explanation of the logic or rationale used to prosecute an innocent man.

What constitutes a political prisoner you ask? The crime must include the following elements to qualify for such considerations and treatment: a person accused or convicted of an ordinary crime carried out for political motives, such as murder or robbery carried out to support the objectives of an opposition group; a person accused or convicted of an ordinary crime committed in a political context, such as at a demonstration by a trade union or a peasants’ organization; a member or suspected member of an armed opposition group who has been charged with treason or “subversion.” Agent Diaz did not meet any of these elements or criteria and yet, he was isolated and kept away inside a dark 8 x 10 solitary cell for over 8 months awaiting a sentence on a false charge when he could have been administratively disciplined, remained on the job and be home with his family. Instead he was mistreated as a political prisoner in the sense of denied bail, labeled a dangerous person in the community and denied the due process provided by the U.S. Constitution in a framed up, fabricated, well-orchestrated grand jury indictment that was filled with contradictory data and resulted in erroneous instructions given by the judge to bring a true bill and eventual conviction of a false charge already established to be a parable of creative writings and testimonies from a drug smuggler given immunity to testify and ignoring all facts gathered in a previous internal affairs investigation to create their own conclusion in this matter.


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