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by on January 5th, 2015
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Writing software can make the user’s document writing a little easier. There are several products that will help the user. The three are top rated are Grammar Expert Plus, Writer’s Bench, and White Smoke. This is great to use if you are writing an important documents and needed a little ‘hand’. The programs let you write your stuff online in the or in a document. There are many different ways that writing software can help the user and computer user’s writing and typing. They can check for bad grammar and spell check all computer users’ work. Many users may use the writing programs because MS Word doesn’t check all the error mistakes that are typed in the document.

Grammar Expert Plus is writing softwarethat provides helpful statistics about writing. It will check the most common grammar mistakes that MS Word probably won’t catch. It will spell check the word that is most commonly spelled wrong. The user must copy and paste the text in the program’s box to do a grammar check and spell check. The program has email templates; business, formal, and personal. Computer document users can use this program at home, school, work, or anywhere. It analyzes individual words in the search as well, when it is doing the grammar check or spell check.

Great writing software to use is called Writer’s Bench. This writing software removes the word that is not needed, when needed and possible. It replaces the phrases for the computer user, only according to what it is. Writer’s Bench has a spilt window so you can view your document while editing. The software is great for students. It works well with MS Word. Sometimes depending on the audience, this writing software can be very strict. It works with verbs, nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. It fixes sentence structure, as well. It stops the user from ending the sentence with about to. It removes the double negative usage as well.

White Smoke is a very popular writing software program. More user’s use this because it can check up to over 3,000 characters of words and texts at a time. It can also translate words and phrase for the computer user as well. It is the only one with the up to date dictionary and grammar check. It notices bad sentence structure, over word usage, and use of double negatives. This program also generates a writing report for the consumer as well. It provides an activity report for the project that the user is currently working on. It has an online dictionary look up too. If the user ever needs to look up a word, then the online dictionary it provides can be used for that main purpose. White Smoke also gives the user an easy to access thesaurus. It comes with neat templates that can be used for business or personal usage. It works great with MS Word 2010 Office.

Writing software like White Smoke, Writer’s Bench, and Grammar Expert Plus can take the guessing out on editing. It helps make document and text writing a little easier. Check more about it online at MyReviewsNow.net

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