When is This Economy Going to Stop?

by on March 7th, 2015
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When is this Economy going to Stop?


Tonight I had a sweet tooth and decided to go buy a couple of fresh donuts from the local 24 hr. bakery.

As I was waiting in line to give the clerk my order I noticed a young woman with two small girls in the 4 and 6 age group, giving the clerk change and the few dollars she had. Her bill came $ 6.83 and she was about $ 1.50 shy. She asked the clerk if she could pay the balance in a few days because that is when she would receive her husband’s military pay.

I covered the balance of her bill and those donuts took on a special flavor.

It is really disgusting to me when a woman with 2 small children cannot pay a $ 6.83 bill for some bread, milk and a few other things, especially when her husband is serving in Iraq.

This has been going on for almost 2-1/2 years where the husband is laid off or in the military, the young women and children are really taking an economic beating. Americans have tightened their belts as much as possible; however the politicians in Washington are on a spending spree.

So, when is this economy going to stop?

Here is the answer. When the American People in 2012 dump this administration and every politician who thinks spending and raising taxes will help the economy. This administration is in over their heads and do not have a clue on how fix it.

I definitely would like to hear your comments pro or con as long as they are well thought out.

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