Ways to Add Seating in a Small Kitchen

by on August 17th, 2014
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A small kitchen can be filled with cabinets from floor to ceiling, and it might have the perfect layout, but when it is small it can be inadequate. Finding seating room in a small kitchen is a real challenge, but a table is never a requirement. Many families have moved from a formal dining area to comfy furniture in front of the television, but seating should be available.

I had a very small kitchen in one of my homes in eastern Indiana, but I found ways to provide seating without using a table and chairs. I had plenty of space for kids and adults on holidays, during get-togethers and whenever a comfortable place to sit was required. Use my easy ways to add seating in a small kitchen, and find solutions when a table is too large for the space.

Add a Counter with Seating on a Bare Wall with a View

I did not want to stick a full size table against the wall in my small kitchen. It would have fit, but it also would have looked terrible. I was able to add seating beneath a set of windows by securely attaching a countertop to the wall. Since I did not have the funds for a granite countertop or one of many other solid varieties, I chose durable laminate.

The existing countertop that was installed in my small kitchen was no longer available. I had to find something that coordinated with the color and design instead. My old countertop was white with beige shading. I ended up choosing one in solid beige. It looked fantastic, especially after decorating it with a white milk glass vase that helped coordinate the two separate and very different surfaces.

Installing a countertop against the wall provided seating with a view, and it was long enough to accommodate five stools. I loved sitting in front of the kitchen windows where I could read the paper and watch the birds. Best of all, I was able to add seating in my small kitchen while making use of space that would have otherwise gone unused.

Add a Counter Extension to Create Barstool Seating

If a bare wall is not available when trying to add seating in a small kitchen, consider adding an extension to an existing L-shaped countertop. Some counter islands are already equipped with an overhang that is deep enough to provide legroom. Those that are not can be easily widened.

Buy a section of countertop that can be securely installed just beneath the narrow overhang. It will provide extra seating in your small kitchen. If you cannot find a countertop that matches, find something that coordinates well with the existing color and design. With a little imagination and the desire to add seating, even a very small kitchen can be more than sufficient. It can be the kitchen of your dreams.

Source: Personal Home Improvement and Decorating Experience

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