Unique Fiftieth Birthday Party Ideas

by on December 16th, 2014
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A fiftieth birthday is a milestone, but it is an event that some people would prefer to forget. However, well-meaning friends and relatives are not likely to forget this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. This is a time when they can throw a party, and it can be one of the most entertaining celebrations of all. If you know of someone that will be going over the hill very soon, use these fiftieth birthday party ideas to make the event more memorable than ever. Try these ideas for over-the-hill gifts, decorations and more. Anyone with a sense of humor will love these fun and creative ideas.

Have Each Guest Bring a Funny Over-the-Hill Gift

When planning a fiftieth birthday party, ask the guests to bring something funny instead of an ordinary gift for the guest of honor. For example, they could bring a bottle of laxative, a bag of prunes, and a tube of Ben-Gay, or a cheap pair of non-prescription reading glasses, a cane, and a large print edition of Reader’s Digest or another publication. Use your imagination. Many more options exist. Have the fiftieth birthday party guest of honor open these gag gifts one at a time. It will be hysterically funny!

Bake and Decorate a Unique Fiftieth Birthday Party Cake

Cake is a must at any birthday celebration, and when hosting a fiftieth over-the-hill party, bake a cake to match the theme. Instead of baking the batter in a regular cake pan, use a well-greased oven-proof bowl. The cake will be shaped like a hill. Cover it with rich chocolate frosting, and top it with green coconut to signify grass. Decorate it further with the figure of an old man or woman, or add a person on skis. Add text that says It’s All Downhill from Here! This unique cake will taste as good as it looks, and it will fit the theme of the birthday party.

Decorate with Black Streamers and Balloons

Appropriate birthday party decorations are a must at a fiftieth over-the-hill celebration. Hang black streamers and black balloons in the room or the area where the birthday party will be held. The black balloons will fit the fiftieth theme in a fun way. Opt for specialty balloons that include text if the budget allows. With good food, fun decorations and guests that want to have fun; this fiftieth party will be a big hit – even for the guest of honor.

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