Total & Complete Relaxation at the Beall Mansion in Alton, Illinois

by on September 13th, 2014
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My new husband and myself recently had an elopement at the Beall Mansion, located in Alton, IL. From beginning to end the experience was delightful. Initially, I was somewhat apprehensive to get married at an unseen location; however, I am thrilled that we did take the leap of faith at the Beall.

The polite manner of owners, Jim & Sandy were extraordinary upon our first phone conversation. They answered all of our questions in a smart, informative and professional way. I admit, I was impressed before we even physically arrived, as I felt the fear of the unknown location melt away and all other potential venues we were considering were soon set aside and we selected the Beall officially.

The day of arrival was a surreal. Jim met us as we entered and gave us a tour of the magnificent house. Again, his in person presence was just as reassuring as it was via e-mail and phone. The house itself is superb and one of a kind. There are interesting focal points everywhere, yet it not overly busy and overwhelming, a very fine line that the Beall seemed to seamlessly perfect. The house gave more of an appeal of comfort, elegance and intrigue, as I longed to learn more about the fascinating antique pieces that surrounded me.

The rooms were spectacular. The furniture is quite gorgeous and striking. The details that Jim, Sandy and staff provide are endless. They truthfully seem to have thought of everything. In addition, I was impressed by the fact there is not a spec of dust or a cob web anywhere, which is a tremendous feat for such a large detailed house. The bed was amazingly comfortable, I think it was probably the best night’s sleep I had experienced for a long time.

The Beall not only gave us a beautiful venue to celebrate our love but also somehow managed to draw all the stress out of me as well. Which is next to impossible. I left feeling happy, carefree and refreshed. Spending the night in such a magical and lovely location left me feeling stress-free, like no other place I have ever stayed. I have had the opportunity to travel to many different places in my lifetime. Staying places such as the W or Waldorf in New York City, B & B’s in France to quant hideaway homes in India. This is by far my most favorite place to stay, and I sincerely hope to go back soon for a visit. I honestly cannot say enough about the house, owners and staff who all seem to care about what they do, and do it well!

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