Top Tea Themed Wedding Favors for 2012

by on July 13th, 2010
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Tea is not only delicious, its full of antioxidants to wake you up, get you going and keep you feeling great. Almost everyone loves a warm cup of fresh tea, so it only makes sense to send your wedding guests home with a tea themed favor they are sure to love. These adorable tea themed wedding favors are sure to please, and are the perfect way to show your wedding guests how much you care that they were there to celebrate your special day.

Heart Shaped Tea Infusers

These tea infusers are simply the cutest little things you could ever give your wedding guests. The infusers are heart shaped and are as easy to use as a spoon. To use them, you simply need to open up the heart, pop in some loose tea leaves and then stir in a hot cup of water. Made of stainless steel, the infusers will never tarnish, making them a low-maintenance gift your guests will cherish forever. Each infuser comes individually packaged and you can have a personalized tag added for a slightly higher cost.

Personalized Bridal Tea Bags

Give your guests a sentimental gift with these adorable personalized tea bags. You can design your own easily online so they are any color and feature any design you want. Decorate them with a personalized label featuring your initials, a short poem or your favorite love quote to make them extra special for your wedding. These are an extremely inexpensive wedding favor that will cost under $1.00 per wedding guest. The bags are filled with a rick black tea blend that is sure to please.

“Teacups and Tealights” Miniature Porcelain Tealight Holder

These are perhaps my favorite tea themed wedding favors. These lovely candle holders are shaped like an elegant tea cup perched on top of a saucer. The cup and saucer are both made of porcelain and are etched with a stunning silver China design. A tealight candle will nestle into the cup perfectly. Each holder comes individually wrapped in a clear gift box and tied off with a pretty organza bow. Best of all, the tealight candles are included! Your guests will love these sweet favors.

“Swee-Tea” Ceramic Tea Bag Caddies

“Swee-Tea” Ceramic Tea Bag Caddies are just as practical as they are cute! These sweet little favors are made of ceramic and are perfect for holding a used tea bag without making a mess. Each is shaped like a tea pot, is curved like a dish and has the word “Swee-Tea” painted in the center. The design will prevent messes as the dish will catch any water leaking from the tea bag. Each tea bag caddy comes individually wrapped in a gift box tied off with a polka dotted bow.

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