Top 5 Ways to Stay Fit at Work

by on May 7th, 2014
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The workweek really can get under a person’s skin. They spend probably 3 hours on getting ready, commuting and eating lunch everyday. Another 8-10 hours at work. And another 6-8 hours sleeping away. So if they’re lucky, an average person has about 3 hours to themselves a day. It’s hard to fit all your home chores in, eat dinner, and just plain relax. So who has time to go to the gym these days?

Staying fit today seems more important than ever with nutrition guides on every piece of food, health warnings everywhere and consistently packed gyms overloaded with people trying to impress the opposite sex. So how does one stay fit with almost no time to hit the gym during the work week? These five simple exercises that you can do at work with no equipment will be key to keeping you motivated to get to the gym, give you more energy throughout your day and continue to stay in shape.

1. Push ups. Push ups are the easiest and probably best exercise you can do without any equipment. It will build your core, your triceps and your chest. During your breaks, try to find a quiet place where you can do around 20-30 pushups, twice a day. Soon you’ll see the results and increase your reps.

2. Crunches. Much like push ups, this simple exercise will burn calories increase your core muscles and keep you in better shape. Do these along with your push ups and try to get in around 30 reps twice a day.

3. Jumping jacks. I know they seem juvenile, but its the simplest form of cardio you can do and you can do around 100 in under a minute if you’re fast enough. Just don’t head back into the office all sweaty.

4. Squats and lunges. No weights required here, but simple squats and lunges will strengthen your legs, give you better lateral movement and increase your core strength as well. Try to slip out at least once a day and get around 30 of these in, your legs will thank you.

5. Stretching. This isn’t the muscle building exercise the others are, but stretching is vital to your workouts and will keep you lose and give you more energy throughout the day. Want the best out of this? Cut your lunch 30 minutes short and do a breif yoga session out in the sun. It can’t hurt to soak up some Vitamin C and some color while staying healthy at work.

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