Too Twiddle Dee

by on October 6th, 2010
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Too Twiddle Dee
It’s Christmas you see!
Children laugh and play
Cause Santa’s on his way!
Mom bakes her pies
while dad makes time fly,
playing with the children
under Santa’s secret watchful eye!

Too Twiddle Dee
I wonder who that be?
Maybe it’s Santa under the Christmas tree!
Mom’s out the kitchen, resting in her bed
while dad’s somewhere lounging around with his sleepy head!

Too Twiddle Dee
Oh man what do I see
Is Santa who I think he is
Is Santa just for me?

Too Twiddle Dee
Maybe you should know
The secret old man Santa Clause
is more special to you than you know.

Too Twiddle Dee
How in the world could this be!
When you see the old man Santa Clause,
be sure to hug him tight. Let him know that
he’s the reason you sleep so well at night!

Too Twiddle Dee
Who might your Santa be?
Too Twiddle Dee
A special Santa just for thee!

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