Too Much Fuss is Being Made Over Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

by on January 21st, 2015
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COMMENTARY | Fox News reports that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is due to release his 2010 tax return today in the hopes of putting to rest an issue that has been ongoing since the early primaries. As a voter, here is how interested I am in seeing Romney’s tax returns, and what information might come out of the tax returns.

I am not really interested in what percentage Romney pays in taxes, and I really do not care how much money he makes each year. Whatever is on his tax returns does not influence my vote, because I am not thinking about voting for him in the first place. Quite honestly, I am just glad that Romney pays taxes, since it seems a lot of political figures think they can just get out of paying all together. I am glad he pays his taxes, because it shows he is honest, responsible, and trustworthy. I am not a voter that believes he should pay a ton of money in taxes just because he makes a lot of money, and I do not see an issue if he only pays 15 percent of his income toward taxes. I care more about those of us that pay taxes paying for people to collect government money, than about whether Romney pays too little or too much. I would much rather see Romney pay something, than see someone collect government money, but not pay anything into the system.

It does not matter to me if Romney has money in offshore accounts either, because that is something a lot of people do if they have a lot of money. Offshore accounts are not illegal, and are just another way to be smart with your money. I feel that you should not keep all of your eggs in one basket, and that goes for banking as well. I think Romney is being smart by using an offshore account, because I would not keep all of my money in one bank either. I think that Romney should release that last five years’ worth of tax returns, which is not as much as his father did when he ran for president. I am not sure just showing 2010 tax returns will show anything either positively or negatively, and think Romney should at least go back five years, if he is trying to prove a point or be transparent with the American people.

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