The Undercover Stag

by on March 27th, 2015
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Our story begins in a clear deep in forest where the woodland creatures all gather to discuss what to do about their shrinking habitat.

“They have cut down almost all of the trees that provide our food and burned the hollow one that we live inside,” said the squirrels.

“They build their houses on the land where we once grazed,” interjected the deer.

“They destroy the brush that we use as dens for our family,” whine the porcupine.

Standing behind the rest of the animals was a brave stag that strutted up front for all to see and said, “I will go out into the field near where they destroy our lands and devise a plan of attack to regain our habitat.” So, off the mighty stag marched heading out to the field where he would do reconnaissance under the guise of a grazing deer.

Once he was in place he went into his act of eating the tall grass. The people saw the stag but were unaware that he was actually scoping out the area and looking for places to stage his army to carry out mission ‘takeback’. He spent the next hour eating grass and moving around so he could see the area from all angles. When he decided that he had gathered enough information he casually walked back to the place the animals gather.

Once back among the rest of the wildlife he he called them to gather around as he set the plan of attack. He used one hoof to draw battle lines in the sand and then looking around finally spoke. “The humans are split into three groups. We have superior numbers but they are bigger then most of us. So, this is how we will attack. The skunks will line up on the outside of the two far groups and face away from them with their tails in the air. When I give the word they will start backing up and spray making a smoke screen. As the humans are backing away you porcupines will rush in and stab them with your quills. Once they are running the flying squirrels will pummel them with acorns. We deer and the bears will give chase until the humans are far enough away that it is safe.”

The animals all cheered the stag for his wonderful plan. They all crept into place awaiting the word to attack. The word was given and they commenced to set the plan into motion. First the skunks moved in and as planned the human started to retreat. Next, it was the porcupines turn and they back into the humans releasing their quills. As the humans were running the rest of the wildlife went into action and drove them out of their territory. When the stag finally said all was clear the animals rejoiced as they setup their habitat once more.

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