The Temptations: G C Cameron

by on February 9th, 2015
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George Curtis, Cameron shares something in common, with David Ruffin, as both were Mississippi born people. And, they both were members, of a group format before going solo later in their careers. They bought are traditionist masters, of a certain sound that makes them instantly recognized , by fans of them.

GC Cameron, the former front man of the Motown Spinners, who gain more success after they left the label? And GC Cameron cousin Phillipe Wynne took his spot somehow decided to joined the Temptations after touring with his former group during the early years of 2000. Once, he joined he instantly enriched the sound of the Temps with an old school interpreter of the golden days, of Motown.

Joining Joe Herdon, Ron Tyson, Terry Weeks, Otis Williams, to carry on the torch of the legendary Temptations that has a following that amaze many fans to this day. With, new recording they travel on like they have done decades after decades pleasing fans across the world.

On Youtube, you’ll find Cameron tackling Paul Williams “Don’t Look Back” and Ruffin classic, with gleam of happiness the way fans loves to hea them delivered. And, he blazed into their hit “Stay” with the same emotions that Theo People and the Temps laid down on disc. Cameron was easily accepted into the group , by fans because he was a legend before joining them.

He’ll forever be known for “It’s Ashame” hit recorded , with the Spinners , while, at Motown. But, he and the Temptations turned in a blazing remake, of Maarvin Gayes “How Sweet It Is(To Be Love By You) that can’t be matched, by his replacement in the same manner. On, the “Legacy” disc produced by Kedar Massenburg and Otis Williams they paid tribute to the guys more closely connected to the Classic Five unit of the sixties. Who are David Ruffin, Eddiie Kendricks, Paul Williams? Where on “Still Tempting” with its bass beat parlay into the style of todays musical market?

On “Baby It’s Me, Weeks and Cameron voices blends into compliment one another. And, his take on all the classic hits holds up greatly against the original voices of the hit recording. One thing many fans is not awar of bout GC Cameron when he was a solo artist in the early seventies is in the facts that he recorded “Just My Imagination” that if,you’re able to locate his reording sonds just as great then the recording, by Kendricks when he was a Temptation.

Although, he was just a member for four years with the group. He like Ruffin left his mark upon the group that has fans very impressed that he decided to front the group, as a primary vocalist. Remember , not anyone gets selected to be a member of the Emperor of Soul. You have to be talented. You have to be special to be called. G C Cameron was all that and more. If, some never knew him before joining the group. You can believe many recognized his contribution to the Temptations.

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