The 10 Sexiest Celebrity Feet in September 2011: New Foot Stars!

by on April 2nd, 2013
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Many celebrities live and work in California, so year round is great time for showing off the toes. Who needs Summer? In the month of September these are my picks for the top ten pairs of celebrity feet that steamed up the computer, television, and big screens of foot fans.

10. Katie Holmes: This actress has come back into the realms of acting and not just being Mrs. Tom Cruise. What lands her at number ten on this list is not her present day feet exactly, I mean, they are still hers, but it is a blast from the past from Yahoo news that earned her the ten spot. Yahoo ran a story on celebrities and special appearances they made in music videos and Katie Holmes was the lead feature with her dirty bare feet on display in a music video that went supported the soundtrack to the movie “Disturbing Behavior” which she starred in once upon a long time ago.

9. Whitney Cummings: This funny woman may be an acquired taste for the eyes of some, but she turned the sexy level to full blast on the debut of her new NBC show “Whitney” by dressing in a hot nurse’s outfit. Her feet were not on display much, but the glimpses have been popular enough to make enough search waves and build a demand for tootsie photos.

8. Miley Cyrus: Just when you thought Selena Gomez had killed off the popularity of Miley Cyrus, she steps back into the spotlight. Some photos of Miley Cyrus’ feet showing off a toe ring became quite popular on the Internet during September.

7. Ashley Sansone: This aspiring performer took to the stage of “X Factor” in some revealing sandals. The shoes did not stay on, however, she made a show of taking them off before she began singing for the judges and strutting around. Her singing horrified all who listened, but what foot fans got to see wasn’t too bad.

6. Ana Farris: Anna Faris new movie “What’s Your Number?” doesn’t seem like it would draw a large male audience, but word leaked that she shows off her feet from all angles, supposedly barefoot 50% of the movie. I have not seen it and cannot verify this, but it’s going to help ticket sales and helped Anna land on her feet at number 6.

5. Ashley Tisdale: Vanessa Hudgens was above her in popularity at one time, but Ashley Tisdale has always remained a steady subject for foot admiration. In September there were photos of a new tattoo she got in the foot region.

4. Demi Lovato: It’s hard to keep all of the Disney ladies straight, but Demi Lovato released a new music album on September 20th. The music is cookie cutter pop, but actually not bad for being that. Her feet aren’t half bad either and her press tour and new album have generated some new foot heat near the end of the month.

3. Juliana Margulies: This “Good Wife” star took home an Emmy, but the prize she gave foot fans in some promotional “Good Wife” photos was her feet being shown off, shoes kicked to the floor.

2. Brooke Burke: Jenny McCarthy ruled the month of August with her feet during a Yoga themed photo set and Brooke Burke moved in on that turf in September. Photos of Brooke barefoot and sexy as ever have been quite popular. She has always been a foot girl thanks to an old interview where she expressed the enjoyment of having her long toes sucked.

1. Audrina Patridge and her Mom: A two-fer! Audrina Patridge hasn’t been doing much in the spotlight lately; not that she ever “did” much before. A few pictures of her sitting with her mother poolside, with both sets of bare feet on display kept being a hot thing to peek at for most of September. Both ladies are showing off their soles, putting the foot world at their feet.

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