Review: Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant, Sensitive Skin, Hypoallergenic

by on December 24th, 2010
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According to Robert Eliot, “Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it’s all small stuff.” Unfortunately for me, sweating has never been small stuff. I sweat – regardless of the weather or the season. Therefore, when I was asked to review Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant, the first question that popped was, “Will this help me?”

A stroll down memory lane

Body odor has always been a problem. Growing up, I remember, stains of sweat under the sleeves of my blouses. I was never diagnosed with hyperhidrosis – because honestly, I never knew sweating could be a medical condition. Ignorance is bliss and I learned to live with it. My friends and later on my husband never complained – the only person I remember whining was the laundromat guy. The look on his face hardly mattered. Suffice to say: I went my merry old way, until one day, my then 4-year old daughter said, “Mom, can you send Daddy to pick me up from school? You stink!” The disgust in her eyes was evident. It was the last straw and my quest to find products that worked with the condition started. There was no way I could embarrass my child.

The present day scenario

Life is busy for any woman juggling between work and family. Meeting deadlines, chauffeuring kids, shopping for groceries, paying bills – the long list is endless. There are not enough hours to pamper and take care. My life is no different. I need products that are quick and effective.

Enter Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

I have been using Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for almost a week now, and the product is definitely worth a shot.

Scent and Appearance

The things that worked for my favor with Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant were that it catered to sensitive skin and was odorless. I was skeptical; there were several that claimed the same, only to leave me with red bumps in my underarms. However, with Secret nothing like that happened.

On a daily basis, I prefer wearing light floral fragrances that keep me smelling good. As Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant is odorless, I could continue wearing my favorite perfume without the aromas clashing.

The feel is semi-solid and the cream gently pushes up with every click of the wheel (I really wish that the wheel was sturdier). The deodorant quickly dries off and I noticed no annoying after stains on my clothes.

Read the directions

I teach my kids, ” Always read the directions.” If only, I did what I preached.

Already experienced with similar products, I applied the product straightaway, without caring much about the printed stuff on the box. Secret Clinical Strength did keep me dry and clean for most part – however, not for long.

“Nothing great.” I thought, until my younger daughter who likes testing her reading skills asked, “Did you apply this at night? It says, for optimal performances apply at night.”


That night, I did just that.

I didn’t reapply Secret in the morning, kept my fingers crossed as I worked an hour at the Body Vive class in the gym, showered, volunteered at my daughter’s school, went grocery shopping and met deadlines. Secret Clinical Strength worked and kept me dry for almost the whole day.

Course of action

I suggest working the product with your body. Although the average recommended dose is two clicks per underarm, I had to increase it to three to last me throughout the day.


Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant is a neat, little product for women like me. At night, when all is quiet, I spend a minute applying it. There are no worries as the morning mayhem begins – I still stay dry and smell good.

Unfortunately, I have passed my genes to my now 15-year old daughter who doesn’t glisten with the sun. She sweats profusely and has a stronger body odor. I plan to recommend Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant to her. Hopefully, she’ll love it as much as I do.

Disclosure: A free sample was provided to the contributor, and the contributor was compensated for the rights to the content. However, the views are solely the contributor’s.

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