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by on November 3rd, 2010
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“Why does my resume not work?” is a question I am frequently asked by Job Seekers. Since 2008, I have addressed, helped or counseled thousands of unemployed Americans. It is from this experience that I present some realizations to help the Job Seeker construct an resume that works.

From my own experience as Adjunct Vice President of Human Resources for a large National bank, thousands of resumes are received each month. The number of general, unqualified resumes from the hiring companies perspective is staggering. Sifting through this mountain of resumes looking for those resumes that actually meet the requirements of the open job became and remains a cumbersome task. Job Seekers need to construct resumes that are specific to the specific job advertised. One-Job-One Resume! Here are some concrete recommendations to help make your resume work for you.

For Job Seekers having very specific skills, education and work experience that extends for more than 5 years with the same firm, a detailed listing of achievements, accomplishments, promotions, successes, projects and initiatives undertaken with that one firm is the most effective approach.

For Job Seekers having more than one primary employer over a period on 5 to 10 years, experience, skills, responsibilities, assignments, projects and duties are listed as the primary focus followed by the employer where this experience was gained. This is an excellent means by which to weave together a comprehensive sense of overall experience in one’s work experience.

For Job Seekers that lack verifiable, applicable and relevant work experience in the context of the Job Ad targeted, the educational preparation and specific, job-related training through which the Job Seeker has gone is placed specifically at the top of the resume and work experience, a mere confirmation of work record, follows.

For some Job Seekers who have held many different jobs or the same job but for many different firms over a period of 3-5 years, a list of the employers and jobs held from the most recent to the most distant with a brief description of the duties performed is effective.

An Effective Resume is one that gains the Job Seeks an interview. By following these recommendations more effective resumes will result which leads to more interviews. Best of luck, and remember, There is no one-size-fits-all resume.

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