Note to Self, Never Try to Pick Up Your Local Pharmicist If You’re on Pysch Meds

by on March 1st, 2011
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It was a typical Wednesday night, around 7 PM. I was out of my must have supply of monthly meds. I decide to hit the local Walmart Pharmacy. I am in my usual night time attire of sweats and a hoodie, which of course never match, no make-up, greasy hair and I recently had a strong facial peel leaving my skin sloughing off in dead brown chunks. It’s Walmart, who will I see, and furthermore I don’t really care.

I make my way weaving through the abundant Halloween and Christmas displays, yup, Christmas decorations and we still have 2 weeks before Halloween. I try to avoid the older crowd teetering around with their carts, looking for adult diapers and stool softeners. I am listening to those carts beeping as they back up, almost sounds like Jingle Bells ringing through my ears.

Finally, the pharmacy counter. A shock runs through my body, my eyes flutter in amazement at what I am seeing behind the counter, is this for real? Standing there, is a tall, long-haired, tan green eyed surfer looking dude! He’s the pharmacist! Immediately he comes to assist me. I’m about speechless, but manage to blurt out, “Wow, you are the youngest looking pharmacist I’ve ever seen.” In my not so casual manner; I flirt a little, and ask a few questions. Divorced- check, just moved to town- check, 41 years old. I couldn’t do my full-on interrogation, there was this little old lady pharmacy tech glaring over with her glasses half way down her nose. Her look was clearly one of disapproval and annoyance. Nosy bugger!

I quickly said my farewells, grabbed his business card and went on my merry way. Upon arriving home, I log on FB and type his name in, there he is. I send a friend request, with a message: Hi, this is the scruffy looking girl you met at the pharmacy tonight. I’m sure you’re scanning through all my psych meds and thinking, NO WAY – lunatic, but don’t we all have a little crazy in us? ( insert wink smiley face ).

The following day I return to pick up my prescriptions, hoping he is there. My hair is done, make-up on, looking pretty hot. He is there! He immediately stops what he is doing to come over and help me. I inquire if he ever looks at his FB, he says not really. I let him know I friended him and sent him a message. He replies, I will for sure have to check that out. I hint around about possibly getting together sometime, but he brushes me off, still muttering he’ll check out his FB.

Needless to say, a week has gone by and nothing, not a word from him. Note to self: never try to pick up your local pharmacist if you are on psych meds. I guess we all don’t have a little crazy in is after all.

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