New “Rock Prodigy” App like Guitar Hero with Real Guitars

by on December 2nd, 2010
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With the many millions of apps online for sale these days, it has become difficult to say the least to find an app you may not even be looking for or that you really want. For anyone that has ever played Guitar Hero, and wished that the silly game resulted in players learning to actually play a real guitar, look no more. A new app called Rock Prodigy, is reportedly as fun as Guitar Hero, and truly does teach people how to play guitar. Here a real user gives a quick demo of how it works.

According to Wired Magazine, Rock Prodigy is everything the makers say it is. The app takes users through lessons and can listen and hear how the user is doing. It works with both electric and acoustic guitars (no amp needed) and provides feedback as the user progresses. It actually has a human voice that serves as instructor too, and once the user has tuned their guitar, using another feature of the app, numbers start moving down the fret board, just like in Guitar Hero, and the user has to pluck the right string at the right time to progress.

What’s more, just like Guitar Hero, the end result for each lesson is a song learned, though with Rock Prodigy, the song that is learned can be played without the game because it’s been learned on a real guitar. Users are then free to play and practice it alone without the app.

The new app is currently only available for Apple products, most specifically the iPad, and is free to download and try. Users who are interested will need to buy the full app to take full advantage of all of its capabilities and of course there are song libraries that can be purchased individually, driving up ongoing costs. On the plus side, once users get to a certain point in their learning, they won’t need the app anymore as they will be able to learn to play other songs using the information they’ve picked up from the Rock Prodigy app.

The only criticism Wired has regarding the new app is the less than stellar user interface which it likens to Lawnmower Man. Other than that, it appears that anyone who is truly interested in learning to play guitar can do so using this new app. It most certainly will be cheaper than taking lessons from a real instructor, and will have unlimited patience and won’t make you feel like a clutz if you don’t pick things up right away.

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