Movies I Look Forward to Seeing in Spring 2012

by on December 10th, 2010
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2012 got off to a decent start which says something as January is usually a horrible month for movies. “Haywire” was fun, and “Red Tails” was worth a look for its aerial footage. But while many of us are salivating for those long awaited flicks like “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers,” I’m more curious to see what’s coming out between now and then. Here are the movies I look forward to seeing in spring 2012.

“The Woman In Black”

With this horror-thriller, we get to see Daniel Radcliffe in his first major role outside of Harry Potter. Granted, Radcliffe has done several projects outside of that franchise like “December Boys,” but this one is getting a far bigger release. I am eager to see how he takes on the role of Arthur Kipps, a young lawyer and father dealing with a haunted village. With each successive “Harry Potter” movie, Radcliffe became an even better actor than he already was, and I for one believe he can pull this role off and move away from the boy who survived Lord Voldemort. The question is whether or not audiences will let him.

“Safe House”

I’m very excited to check this thriller out as it has Denzel Washington seemingly heading back into “Training Day” bad guy duty. As Tobin Frost, a dangerous fugitive wanted by the CIA, Washington exudes a strong charisma even from the TV trailers that have me eager to see him play mind games on the big screen. While it looks like your typical Tony Scott directed action film (it was actually directed by Daniel Espinosa), I’m sure Denzel will make “Safe House” worth the price of admission.

“Mirror Mirror”

The first of two “Snow White” movies to be released in 2012, it is directed by Tarsem Singh who created many visual wonders in his films “The Cell,” “The Fall,” and last year’s “Immortals.” I am eager to see what visuals he conjures up for this one which should look fantastic. Also, it will be a kick to see Julia Roberts as Queen Clementianna who is said to be more insecure than evil in this version. After her doing the same thing over and over in movies like “Eat Pray Love,” “Mirror Mirror” could turn out to be a nice change of pace for her.

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