by on March 7th, 2015
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You are neither friends nor foes.

You are not the earth on which I stand.

You are not the river that flows.

You are not the air on which I depend.

You are neither the sun nor the moon.

You are neither my mother nor father

For I would abandon you just as soon

As I would betray any other.

You are nether sunsets nor dawns,

But rather you are the tools I use to manipulate pawns.

I thought I had mastered the game.

I thought I could conquer anyone the same.

Wow was it that you have beaten me?

You have used tricks I could never see.

You have used my own game against me.

You have used the product to defeat the visionary.

Not only am I beaten,

But I have been taught the rules all over again.

I know how to play better now.

Now that I know, could I use it? How?

I know the consequences now.

I will avoid its use anymore I vow.

Do you see the pain you have given

Or are you as naïve as I have been?

I hope you never know the feeling when you don’t win.

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